Youwin Connect Business Competition by Nobody: Also, our infrastructures are not great but the market is here. In spite of the increment of the number of YouWiN awardees from in the first year of the competition to later, the competition has become morecompetitive. There is no known religion discrimination against grasscutter meat. Even last year winners were given grants not loan. So to answer your question Nigeria has business opportunities in Power sector, Power generation, power distribution, renewable energy, power technology Food production for export and consumption , alternate farming methods.

Be sure to have a unique program. Individual also consume pineapples daily. Training going on well in Alausa Ikeja center Lagos. Snail farming is highly profitable when you master the processes involved. Anonymous December 5, at 3:

Maybe you should tell us more about you and your business.

youwin business plan competition nairaland

But just that she and the husband mismanaged the Millions that was given to her. I just read now on Nairaland that the deadline of application has been extended to about a month. They opens a small laboratory, bought a car and the rest of the cash was swept down. They command a very good selling price as a family that is made up of five grasscutters is sold for N45, or more.

Except social pay handouts and visa lottery. Imagine the rep that came from FMF who doesn’t even know its left from its right saying a different thing here in Port Harcourt.


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Youwin is N10m max. You have to be good with details to thrive in this industry.

Dear admin Have youwij heard of the Google Anita Borg Sch 4 women 4rm africa, middle east n europe studyin comp sci n related courses. Applicants businesses must be domiciled in Nigeria. Must See Go Up Sections: The packing industry in Nigeria is still nascent and wields enormous potentials. Half bread is better than non. America with all its power and intelligence doesn’t have such a programme In a period of 5months you have and sell to Garri processing firm or factories that need it for starch production.

If people in different location can be able to create a whatsapp group where we can discuss our next action it would be a good idea.


Gud day Fellas, if youhave idea on how the online training would look like, please share with, no information is waste I pray that our leaders do the right thing by our energetic youths through this programme.

Annual shortages of basic food items tomato, onions etc. You dismissed this ad.

youwin business plan competition nairaland

Another profitable industry to consider is the food processing industry. In fact with less than N, you can setup your own cement block molding industry but it will be labor intensive. Answered Jun 28, Applicants businesses must be resident in Nigeria. Do you produce the furniture or just retail? I personal wrote for a woman who was selected during the first youwin program. Research more on the business opportunity that snail farming pose.


Check out nearby hotels and restaurants to connect with unique chefs and restaurants. This might be the opportunity for the emergence of another intercontinental conglomerate like Dangote.

Plantain farming is not capital intensive and can be able to spin you money in a period of 6months of starting. Pls is youwin going to give grants or nairlaand an enterprise training program. To the people not selected myself inclusiveone of the major criteria used to drop them is the source of their raw materials.

Validation and agreement signing. Its gonna be coming in form of a loan with stiffer prerequisite Contact me for your website design. If you are technologically inclined, you can setup shop in Nigeria and start offering e-services to clients.