County boards must report the number of studentstudents determined to be dangerous students to the State Board of Education. Upon the reduction of the period of expulsion, the county superintendent shall prepare a written statement setting forth the circumstances of the student’s case which warrant the reduction of the period of expulsion. Policy Comment Log. Addressing Inappropriate Behavior with Meaningful Interventions. Local emergency response agencies that maintain a copy of the plan shall provide the same necessary safeguards for the information in the plan; The county board shall make available to the public, upon request, a redacted copy of a school crisis response plan with any information removed that is necessary for compliance with the necessary safeguards. Improper or Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

Upon such recommendation by the county superintendent, the county board shall conduct a hearing in accordance with this section of state code to determine if the student committed the alleged violation. Recognize feelings of others and respond appropriately Deal with disappointment in a manner that does no harm Respond to complaints Use constructive criticism to make improvements Complete post- secondary applications. Level 4 Inappropriate Behaviors Analyze factors that create stress or motivate successful performance. Evaluate how responsible decision-making affects interpersonal and group relationships and apply the skills to establish responsible social and work relationships. A student will not dress or groom in a manner that disrupts the educational process or is detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of others. In collaboration with law enforcement, the school shall also implement invention strategies and meaningful consequences that promote and support appropriate behavioral changes.

Each school shall create a comprehensive crisis response plan with necessary safeguards to protect information contained in each response plan that may be considered jomework critical infrastructure information, law enforcement sensitive information or for official use only.

A student will not knowingly and willingly set off a fire alarm without cause.

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Students and staff are engaged and respected. Set a short-term goal and make a plan for achieving it. A student remains under suspension until after the hearing in any case where a postponement occurs. Analyze how personal qualities influence choices and successes. County boards of education may request a waiver of State Board of Education policies and regulations in the development and operation of alternative education programs.


Police have the responsibility to enforce laws in order to protect all homewofk. Students do not have a constitutional right against self-incrimination when being questioned by school officials or PRO Officers acting under the supervision of school officials who are investigating school related misconduct.

Upon the reduction of the period of expulsion, the county homesork shall prepare a written statement setting forth the circumstances of the student’s case evde warrant the reduction of the period of expulsion.

However, a hearing for the purpose of reexamining whether or not the student remains a dangerous student and whether the student shall be provided alternative education shall be conducted every three months for so long as the student remains a dangerous student and is denied alternative education. Procedures for Reporting Action on Substantiated Incidents Possession, Use, Distribution or Sale.

Habitual Violation of School Rules or Policies. Definitions — Level 3. Possession of Inappropriate Personal Property.

Policy Expected Behaviors in Safe and Supportive Schools

Educators model and nurture an attitude that emphasizes the benefits and satisfaction from learning. Federal and state constitutions and statutes provide protection for all citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. The county superintendent may use the following factors as guidelines in determining whether or not to reduce ploicy mandatory twelve-month expulsion: The rule shall provide for at least the following: It is not intended that all schools will be required to offer every option that listed.

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Participate appropriately in group activities in a variety of roles Dress appropriately for a variety of situations Exhibit sportsmanship and appropriate audience behavior Refrain from spreading rumors. A county board that expels a student, and finds that the student is a dangerous student, may refuse to provide alternative education.


Non-curriculum Related Student Groups. Victims of abuse may seek the advice or assistance of a teacher, counselor, nurse, or other school professional. This new comprehensive policy will provide school employees, students and parents with one policy that includes all aspects of what is expected regarding student behavior and what is expected from school systems in order to create safe and supportive schools.

Such action for students may include all options listed above.

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Identify the positive and negative consequences that link to various decisions. Training and Technical Assistance: The following numbered comment responses correspond with the wvdr listed in the comment log that can be accessed at: Evaluate how honesty, respect, fairness and compassion enable one to take the needs of others into account when making decisions.

Schools have contingency plans to accommodate students and families who do not have the financial means to make these purchases. Actions such as writing in school textbooks or library books, writing on desks or walls, carving into woodwork, desks, or tables, and spray painting surfaces are acts of defacement.

Whatever school supplies are deemed necessary to accomplish the goals of a school system and are an integral and policyy part of elementary and secondary education must be provided free of charge to all students, such as textbooks, paper, writing implements and computers if their use is part of the curriculum.

wvde homework policy

Nothing in this policy shall prevent any person from reporting harassment or violence directly to the county superintendent, RESA wvvde director or the state superintendent, as appropriate, or to the West Virginia Human Rights Commission, or to a law enforcement agency.