Gordons problem solving – crossroads. Gordons tens and ones bingo. Traffic Analysis Compare it to. Gordons doubling and halving dartboard. Counting sticks for the whiteboard — there is a large menu to choose from. You are using an outdated browser. These Gordons resources work fine in Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Gordons multiplication and division bingo. Gordons doubling and halving dartboard. Gordons problem solving – spaceship. Gordons number line addition. Learn More RegisterSign inLearn about the benefits of registering Add to Folder write an equation express even number as sum two equal addends. Year 4 Expanded Column Addition We are going to be exploring the expanded column method for addition.

Gordons problem solving – spaceship. Gordons shape carroll diagrams.

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Place value charts — great for the whiteboard. Gordons problem solving – maisie the mouse.

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Gordons problem solving – at the toy shop. Year 4 Rounding and Comparing Numbers. Gordons problem solving – a bit fishy. You are using an outdated browser.


Gordons problem solving – ride at the fair. Counting on — large menu of counting on, from within 5 to teens and units, showing the answer or calculating the answer. wmnte

A range of addition and multiplication grids for teachers to use when explaining these. Click here for more information. Compare two twodigit numbers based on meanings of the tens prolbem ones digits recording results comparisons with symbols. For example recognize that by applying concepts of place value and division. Gordons number facts grid.

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Gordons problem solving – shape puzzle. For the beginner start with counting games which can limited to maximum of objects such as Ladybird Gingerbread Men and Lecky. This video should help to explain this if you would like to try some at home – we will be using the second method in the video which starts with the units. Gordons paying for ice cream.

Gordons problem solving – crossroads. Choose whether to count up or. Demonstrates subtraction by partitioning — good for the whiteboard.


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These Gordons resources work fine in Microsoft Edge and Safari. ICTGames Counting Caterpillar First choose the minimum and maximum numbers you would like to use then drag into correct order on branch.

Gordons pick and mix. Year 4 Compass Directions Song Have a listen to this song to help you remember the order of the cardinal compass points and how to identify the directions in between. Gordons problem solving – zids and zods.

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Stick to show number sequences which go up or down. Gordons odd one out. Gordons reading scales bingo.

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Worldwide Audience Compare it to. Virtual number cards for place value on the whiteboard. Thermometer for the whiteboard — you can change the temperature, look at negative numbers in context. There are six levels: Gordons next number dartboard.