Here are over simple Flash resources to support the teaching and learning of Maths. Problem Solving with Ratio and Proportion. Gordons problem solving – crossroads. So much to do for so many levels. Dartboard Fantastic darts game to practise doubles and addition. Gordons reading scales bingo. Climber Solve these addition and subtraction problems as fast as you can in order to get the climber to the top.

Ed the owl explains what multiples are and then you can try his quiz which will test your knowledge of multiples. Problem Solving with Number. Gordons problem solving – shape puzzle. Gordons pick and mix. This enables the children to progress at the correct speed, challenging when children find things straightforward and giving additional support where needed.

wmnet maths problem solving

This is an American site that has some excellent maths resources arranged by age group so that you can choose work to support, engage and extend children in different areas of the mathematics curriculum. Interactive Games Some really good maths games here. Gordons problem solving – crossroads. Gordons times tables dartboard.


wmnet maths problem solving

Estimate A great IWB tool, showing a number line. Some of my favourite websites have plenty of other excellent resources to support you and your students in these assessment objectives. matbs

Maths Resources

Gordons fractions of amounts bingo. Calculator Need a calculator? Ever fancied running a football club? This is a maths sites for sport enthusiasts. This activity is highly addictive! Ghost Blasters is a fun one! Scribble Square A hundred square that you can scribble on! Year 4 Rounding and Comparing Numbers.

Tran Towers provides a mathematical quest where more able primary aged pupils need to work out investigations. Toggle navigation Gary Hall.

Gordons Numeracy Teaching Resources

Water Slide Subtraction Cut the pipe to make the correct size pieces for the water slide. The first zolving to claim 6 fish is the winner. Problem Solving with Data Handling.

Gordons numberline subtraction – counting back. This video should help to explain this if you would like to try some at home – we will be using the second method in the video which starts with the units.


Gordons odd one out. E resources for teachers have literacy and numeracy activities in the context of a football club for young people. Similarities to learning about number lines. One for the youngsters! I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but if not, check it out now!

Parents an have a team too! Shape, Space and Measure Answers. Year 4 Mixed Maths Games. Gordons tens and ones bingo.

Problem Solving

Water Slide Work out which numbers add to Counting Cars Use your counting skills to work out which car you should steer towards and bump. Complete with cheesy music! Number Square A hundred square with options of or or any other starting point up to There is also a Five Frame.