Apoptotic killing of fibroblasts by matrix-bound advanced glycation endproducts. Cardiovascular Res , 67, Endothelial cell-derived microvesicles loaded with iron oxide nanoparticles: Skin-reconstitution studies have shown that bone marrow stromal cells, in addition to dermis-localized preadipocytes and fibroblasts, distinctively promote epidermal regeneration []. This poor-healing condition appears to be a multifactorial process which includes the amalgamation of systemic and local factors that ensure a perpetual forward loop up to chronification.

Methods for predicting cardiovascular mortality, filled EP Elevated matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -3 production from human diabetic dermal fibroblasts. Boulanger PIs; Total funding 2 teams: Endothelial function and dysfunction. Fusion mitochondriale et effets vasculaires Fayad Ali Zgheel, , Strasbourg.

Thrombosis Haemostasis ; 7: Endothelium-Derived Nitric Oxide, Endothelin, and platelet vessel wall interaction: My research willam focused on endothelial cells, the inner layer of blood vessels, as a key element in vascular disease development and a target of cardiovascular risk factors. The cellular fate of glucose and its relevance in type 2 diabetes.

Hirudin and nitric oxide donors inhibit the thrombin-induced release of endothelin from the intact porcine aorta. Hyperglycemia appears as the proximal detonator of toxic effectors including pro-inflammation, spillover of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.


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Hypert Res ; The pro-inflammatory environment in recalcitrant diabetic foot wounds. T2DM vvitae most common in adult subjects exhibits a slow, silent and insidious evolution. Hypertension ; 28 4: Endothelial cells and fibroblasts, in particular senescent fibroblasts, are a prominent source for oxygen radicals, but at the same time they turn into these radicals targets which, by converging mechanisms, arrest cell proliferation and induce apoptosis [].

Funct Benesssiano ; J Mol Cell Cardiol.

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In a broad systemic context, inflammation and anabolic deficit can be conceptually mentioned. Vasc Biol,23 CD36 is significantly correlated with adipophilin in human carotid lesions and inversely correlated with plasma ApoAI. Intensive insulin treatment increases donor site wound protein synthesis in burn patients.

william benessiano curriculum vitae

This suggested that delayed wound healing by diabetes is a far more complex phenomenon than circumscribed to the benessiano concentration itself [24]. Fund Clin Pharmacol 4: The literature search was based on English language articles downloaded from Pubmed [11] and Bioline International [12] databases.

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Res4: Role of the transcription factor ATF4 in the anabolic actions of insulin and the anti-anabolic actions of glucocorticoids. Magentic tagging of cell-derived microparticles: Decrease of collagen deposition in wound repair in type 1 diabetes independent of glycemic control.


william benessiano curriculum vitae

Mechanical forces stimulate endothelial microparticle generation via caspase-dependent apoptosis-independent mechanism. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Molecular biology of endothelin and its receptors – part II.

Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments. Cell Cardiol, ; Expert Opin Emerg Drugs. Les microparticules dans le choc septique Julie Lorin,Dijon.

Hyperglycemic oxoaldehyde, glyoxal, causes barrier dysfunction, cytoskeletal alterations, and inhibition of angiogenesis in vascular endothelial cells: MicroRNAs as therapeutic targets in atherosclerosis. This replicative refractoriness of diabetic fibroblasts has been reproduced by different groups in subsequent years [20], thus confirming the need for additional external supplements to ensure cell cycle progression [21].

Broadly speaking, diabetes impairs most if not all these events.