If you enter a brief summary of your text, this will allow others to research your literature more easily. In LibreOffice version 3. Further accepted file formats include: In order to guarantee the authenticity of the documents, they may not be amended or deleted, similar to print publications. This function expands the search area and is recommended when there are several terms for one subject.

The URL designates the physical storage location of the resource. All documents are indexed in terms of content by the authors themselves. Examples are images and photographs of objects, paintings, prints, drawings, other pictures and graphics, diagrams, cards and notes. Please see the website for more information and the terms and conditions for dividends. This function expands the search area and is recommended when there are several terms for one subject.

You must hold the appropriate rights for the usage of CC licences, so you have to check if you have transferred exclusive rights e. In case of any technical difficulties in uploading your documents, please fill out the rest of the form as far as possible and send your files via e-mail to ub-opus at fau. Copyright law protects the creator in their intellectual and personal relationship to the work and the usage of the work.

The translation is only for your information – please never sign the English translation, but the German version. With this service, the University Library supports free access to scientific information as defined by Open Access.

Please omit these personal information like the birthplace in the version to be published. It can also mean a document that contains audio or video sequences. You may also submit the contract in person during our office hours or fax it:. The document type Report includes text material that does not fit into any other category, e. A measure for self-concept?


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The individual versions can be linked. By agreeing to the guidelines and signing the publication contract, the author grants the operator of veröffentlicjung publication server licence for the following:.

JavaScript elements, like cookies, are used to manage the display of dynamic information. Other The document type Other is intended for any documents that do not fit any of the categories listed. If you entrust the vg wort dissertation. Welches Datenformat muss ich abgeben? In Wordclick Save as Please enter the page count including enclosures or the file size.

Additionally you can choose a CC licence during the publication process, determining to what extent third parties may reuse your publication. Conference reports and paper, conference lectures, proceedings as well as other conference contributions such as abstracts and posters. The publications are sorted into categories.

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For online publications in particular, it is useful to enter the title in other languages as well to increase your publication’s searchability. If you have further questions concerning the VG-Wort fee please contact us. The document type Master’s thesis means the intermediate level of final paper.

The document type Sound means a resource that is mainly for listening purposes, such as music files, audio CDs, voice vreöffentlichung sound recordings.


The document type Review includes reviews of books and articles, or summaries of a work that were not written by its author. Preprint The document type Preprint includes preliminary scientific or technical papers dissfrtation are not to be published in an institution’s series but in a scientific journal onlije as part of a book. Help General What is Open Access? FAU’s Open Access policy encourages the University’s researchers not to grant publishers exclusive publication rights but to reserve the right to make a digital copy of their work veröffentlicgung on the University’s publication server after any retention periods have ended.

When links to these websites were first incorporated, however, the authors of the relevant websites or the operator’s editors reviewed the external content to ascertain whether it would possibly entail liability under civil or criminal law.

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This is a requirement by the German National Library in order to ensure digital preservation is possible. After a formal review by University Library staff, your electronic publication is uploaded to the OPUS server and thus made publicly accessible.

vg wort dissertation online veröffentlichung

Further accepted file formats include: Please enter the volume number of the series after the title of the series.

Authors are the person s responsible for the intellectual content, e. The production and dissemination of further reproductions is only permitted with the copyright holders express approval.