If you wish to review the changes made to the thesis a change report will be available at the bottom of the page under Additional Files. It must have an acceptable form for its discipline and display a thorough knowledge of and scholarly approach to the subject. Double-click on the file name you wish to upload, and the name will be entered into the input box. Graduate programs may elect the option of remote examination when one examiner is not present in person upon approval of the candidate, remote participant and graduate chair. The thesis defense is normally a closed event unless the student and program, by mutual agreement, request that the defense is open to the university community e. An examiner’s preliminary judgment of acceptability is provisional.

If unable to attend, the External Examiner must submit questions to be put to the candidate by the other Examiners. The criteria that determine whether an article is suitable for publication are not identical to the academic requirements for a thesis. A title page is generated and attached to the front of a thesis after it is uploaded to Scholarship Western. Overall, it is important to submit a thesis that has a consistent and readable appearance. The lecture is open to all members of the community. Given the research and education mandate of Canada’s publicly funded universities, it is expected that the results of this research will be made publicly available.

Preliminary Submission

Subject to approval by the University Senate, the candidate’s name is placed on the convocation list. Ethics Approval where applicable and copyright releases from publications must be included here. Thesis The following details the regulations surrounding the process of producing, submitting, examining and publishing graduate theses at Western.

Required elements of the integrated-article uso The Graduate Chair or designate attends the thesis examination and oversees the process including all supervisor responsibilities.

The following system is to be used:. A monograph thesis may also include published material, i. When the questioning has finished, the Chair asks the candidate and visitors, but not the Supervisor s thssis, to leave the room. The Graduate Chair or designate attends the thesis examination and oversees the process including all supervisory responsibilities.


uwo sgps thesis guidelines

A title page is generated and attached to the front of a thesis after it is uploaded to Scholarship Western. Members of the thesis board who are required to approve the final copy of the thesis must follow these steps: The summary for lay audience is a brief maximum words and accessible summary of a research project that is used to explain complex ideas, technical writing and scientific terms to people who do not have prior knowledge of the subject.

Normally the entire process, from the Graduate Chair’s request for a Thesis Examination to the placement of the candidate’s name on the egps list, requires approximately five weeks.

Examiners must be seen to be able to examine the student and the thesis at arm’s-length, free of substantial conflict of interest from any source. After your thesis supervisor has approved your thesis, follow the instructions below for submitting your ETD documents to Scholarship Thesiw.

uwo sgps thesis guidelines

To satisfy the requirements of the National Library iwo University Microfilms International, the abstract must be no longer than words for a Doctoral thesis and words for a Master’s thesis.

For thesis content, they must find the thesis: Details confirming the date and location will be included in communications with you relating to your preliminary examination.

Leave a margin of at tyesis 25 mm 1 inch from the top, bottom and right edges. Candidates are required to submit the following to guidelinee School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies before publication can occur: The abstract must give enough information about the thesis to allow a potential reader to decide whether or not to consult the complete work.

Each Graduate Program specifies student milestones for satisfactory progress towards the completion of all degree requirements.


Introductory chapter to the entire thesis Literature Review where applicable Middle chapters. The Examiners question the candidate sgpz the agreed-upon order, with the Chair holding them to the agreed-upon time limit. Must have appropriate SGPS membership Must attend the Public Lecture No more than one Program Examiner may be from the candidate’s Thesis Supervisory Committee Must not have had significant involvement in the gguidelines of the thesis nor interest in the outcome.

When you are ready to submit egps decision, select “Submit review ” Follow the directions provided under “Approval to Proceed to Publication”. The Thesis Examination to proceed. Authorship Although SGPS allows co-authorship of chapter materials, the candidate must be the principal contributor to the work and to the manuscript. Priority should be given to technologies which support video as well as audio. A work that requires some revisions may be judged acceptable.

Western University

Co-authors or collaborators of any component of the thesis may not serve as Examiners. The abstract should include important place names and proper nouns because these can be significant key words for electronic retrieval.

uwo sgps thesis guidelines

The integrity of the process requires that a strict arms-length relationship between the External Examiner, the candidate, the Supervisor and the other members of the Examining Committee be maintained throughout the pre-exam period. The Supervisor has the right to not be recognized as the Supervisor on the published thesis. Ensuring that requests and approvals for remote examination are made in a timely manner Hosting a conferencing solution in an appropriate environment that adequately supports the needs of the candidate and examiners.