If corrections are required, instructions will be sent to your PAWS email account. Consistency Consistency of format and style is essential in a manuscript-style thesis to produce a coherent and defendable document which will satisfy the principles of a thesis. The same font and size must be used throughout the thesis, although boldface type for headings and italics for emphasis is permitted. It is the student’s responsibility to deliver copies of the thesis to members of the Advisory Committee. Standards prevailing will be those of the discipline and the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. It should be about minutes in length and should, in no case, exceed 20 minutes.

Manuscript-Style Theses and Dissertations. Each equation in a chapter is to be numbered consecutively using a decimal system appearing flush with the right-hand margin. Spring and summer classes Get ahead in your degree. Prepare to Graduate Learn more. Candidates should respond to questions directly, in a manner which is informed by the contents of the methodology and contents of the thesis, and as concisely as is appropriate to the question. The different chapters or sections will contribute to the general theme, but the substance of each chapter should focus on a different aspect of the research. Form and style will differ from department to department and from discipline to discipline.

The student will pass the Oral Examination if a majority of all members of the Examining Committee including the research supervisor and the person chairing vote in favour of acceptance.

The recommended length of the main body of a Ph. Projects may also be submitted online.

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The list of figures follows the list of tables. Students who defend their thesis prior to the end of a term may be eligible for a tuition refund. Permission to write the thesis is given by the Advisory Committee when there is general agreement that sufficient work on the research project has been carried out. It is the responsibility of the student to make these changes. They should not hesitate to make clarification should they have the impression that the questions asked derive from misconceptions about the research material or the literature.


Equations Each equation in a chapter is to be numbered consecutively using a decimal system appearing flush with the right-hand margin. The Oral Examination What to expect The Chair of the defence will invite the student to make a brief oral presentation, highlighting the major issues dealt with in the thesis, the conclusions which have been reached, and the significance of the findings. Its purpose is not to produce definitive or exhaustive research on a subject.

Career coaches and assessments. How the author of the thesis accomplishes this task is at the discretion of the author, the Advisory Committee and, if available, the policies of the academic unit. Was this page helpful? For technical support for your account contact harvest library.

usask thesis defense

You might be interested in Support. It is strongly recommended that oversized tables be reduced by photocopying in such a way that they remain clearly legible. The main point to keep in mind is to have consistency of form and style throughout the thesis. If members of the Examining Jsask have withheld their signature on certification pages at the time of the oral defence, it is the responsibility of the research supervisor to ensure that they see the changes and indicate on behalf of the Examining Committee defnese he or she deems the changes to thesiss complete and appropriate.

PhD Defences The supervisor arranges for the Advisory Committee to meet and agree that the thesis is ready for the oral examination, as required by CGSR The supervisor advises the Graduate Secretary as soon as the student’s Advisory Committee determines the student’s thesis is ready for defense. Endnotes should appear at the end of each chapter.

usask thesis defense

tnesis There are a variety of ways to build your professional skills as a graduate student, by attending courses and workshops held on ghesis. The numbers in parentheses are the chapter number and equation number respectively. The introduction should establish the central aim and themes of the research and explain how these are addressed in the various manuscripts making up the thesis.


The acknowledgements should not exceed words. The U of S Learning Commons provides students with access to work stations with current versions of Adobe Acrobat that can be used for exporting defwnse word processing documents to PDF format. If the included manuscript differs in content from a published version of the manuscript, this difference should be briefly described in an addendum. The following format is suggested: Each equation in a chapter is to be numbered consecutively using fhesis decimal system appearing flush with the right-hand margin.

One half space below and one space to the right, the text of the footnote is typed using a single spaced format. Previously published manuscripts Even if a manuscript was published in a particular format, when included as a chapter in a thesis, it will match the formatting standard of the thesis.

Procedures for Thesis Defence

At the option of the student in consultation with the Advisory Committee, foot notes or a keyed bibliography or both may be used for references. All remaining pages of the thesis, beginning with the introduction Chapter One should fhesis numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals consistent text font style and size 11pt or 12pt is appropriate. Professional Skills There are a variety of ways to build your professional skills as a graduate student, by attending courses and workshops held on campus.

Spring and summer classes Get ahead in your degree. If you require a letter for visa or employment purposes, the CGPS may need advance notification, as requests for these letters are customarily handled in order of receipt.

Career coaches and assessments.