Copyright applies to both published and unpublished works. From that date you are required to deposit one hard copy and one electronic copy with the Postgraduate Research Office, the one electronic copy will then be held in UEA’s central repository on open or closed access, depending on circumstances. If not, then we will dispose of it in an appropriate manner. Wellbeing Resources for Staff. The print copies are usually hidden away in library stacks and rarely consulted locally, and yet around the world researchers are keen to read them. Your thesis and copyright ” with advice. Contact the Finance department.

This can be very useful when approaching an academic publisher in convincing them that work based on your thesis is worth considering for publication as a book. If only small parts of your thesis are affected, you could consider providing an additional redacted electronic copy which has the sections of concern edited or redacted. Obtain the rights needed and then submit the electronic copy as normal for open access. Depending on circumstances, you may also wish to submit a redacted electronic version. See UEA Calendar for the regulations governing thesis submission. Theses are an often untapped and underutilised source of unique research and information.

Contact the Finance department. Your deposited thesis will be added to the repository on closed access and will be marked as embargoed. The University will not sell or otherwise transfer any personal data submitted via this form to any third parties without consent, or unless required by law.


Contact the Finance department. Ideally you should first see if you can obtain the necessary permissions. Speak to your supervisor in the first instance.

Submitting an electronic version is much cheaper for the student.

Electronic Thesis Submission and Access – UEA

What ueaa does my thesis need to be in? Other countries, such as the US, have been providing etheses for a much longer period than the UK so this ensures UK research is not hidden in comparison with others. For you the benefits are a combination of gaining more readers, developing your professional reputation and visibility as a researcher within your field.

Obtain the rights needed and then submit the repisitory copy as normal for open access.

This is a Test Doctoral Thesis – UEA Digital Repository

The print copies are usually hidden away in library stacks and rarely consulted locally, and yet around the world researchers are keen to read them. It potentially enhances your reputation as a researcher and allows you to disseminate your research more widely repositort minimal effort. Copyright applies to both published and unpublished works.

This is why e-theses are an important step forward in getting your research widely read and respected. Reposifory I still need to hand in two bound copies of my thesis? Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

uea thesis repository

Further guidance on thessi permissions is given in this booklet “UEA: How do I convert my thesis to PDF format? Log an IT Enquiry. Academic staff members add details of research output conducted during the course of their work at UEA.


uea thesis repository

reposigory What should I name my file? Where can I find advice on copyright of material used within my thesis? You are now required to submit one printed and one electronic copy of your thesis as per the University regulations.

uea thesis repository

Once you have run your search, use the option on the left-hand menu to refine to “catalogue only”. The file should be saved in the following way: This refers to material created by other thess parties including lengthy quotations, images, photographs, graphs, tables, maps, etc. The University encourages open access to research wherever possible.

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theiss International Students Advice and Support. For many theses this will not be an issue but all researchers submitting their electronic Library version will need to be careful to check whether any of the following apply: University of East Anglia ueaa students are now required by university regulations to provide a licensed digital copy of their completed, accepted thesis into the UEA digital repository in addition to providing a bound paper copy to the Graduate School.

Learning and Teaching Service. Third party copyright material: Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page. Wellbeing Resources for Staff. International Students Advice and Support. Security – Report an Incident.