Business Financial and Legal. Succeeding with internal communication: An investigation into the factors affecting the effectiveness and quality of ISO within multinational corporations operating in less-developed countries. Offsetting or upsetting biodiversity? Finance Undergraduate Fees and Funding. Once you have run your search, use the option on the left-hand menu to refine to “catalogue only”. Environmental impacts of composting and comprehensive policy making – a survey of potential for on-farm composting in South Norfolk.

What is Environmental Due Diligence? A baseline study into the feasibility of introducing a pay-as-you-go kerbside collection of compostable waste using wheeled in bins in Mid Suffolk. A local authority kerbside recycling scheme case study and a suggestion for a monitoring and evaluation system. Specific Learning Difficulty Support. A simple cost-benefit analysis of prevention of fresh water eutrophication through a contingent valuation survey. Medicine and Health Sciences Health Sciences. The baseline status of Best Practice in Environmental Performance within higher education institutions.

Practitioner perspectives on the barriers and constraints to the assessment of socio-economic impacts in EIA.

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Facilitating sustainable travel options: Connect with the School of International Development: Source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediment cores from the Humber estuary using molecular distribution. The ethical position of the key players with regard to the with regard to the dissertatiob introduction of genetically modified crops to southern counties. Research into the carbon emissions from SMEs to assess whether they are a significant contributor to the overall GHG emissions from businesses and what ability they have dissretation reduce their emissions.

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The effectiveness of environmental management systems certified to the ISO Standard for identifying and proactively managing the demands of environmental legislation: An investigation into practices and environmental performance implications of green supply chain management in the UK supermarket sector. A social cost-benefit analysis of the environmental impacts of the production of energy crops by a Norfolk farming cooperative.

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Can a GIS model using ‘affordable’ internet based geospatial data and landscape pattern analysis software improve the quality of ecological impact assessment within the resource constraints of an environmental impact assessment. Reviewing the discourse on what CSR and sustainability means for business and compare a range of CSR reports with sustainability reports to identify the differences.

The application of environmental assessment in Africa with particular reference to wildlife management issues. Development of a carbon audit model for different land management techniques used by the Broads Authority.

Review of the existing walking and cycling provision for sustainable transportation uwa North Norfolk. A study on impact prediction using air quality components in environmental impact assessment.

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Taster and Enrichment Events. Recommendations to Anglia Print, a small printing company, for an appropriate environmental management system and implementation of carbon neutral practicies. SEA as atool for policy appraisal of contaminated land policy and management in the UK: Go to Faculties and Schools home. Investigation of fen ditch quality in relation to environmental factors at How Hill National Nature Reserve — ordination analysis and management recommendations.

Is improving the effectiveness of environmental impact assessment in the UK dependent on the use of follow-up? Healthcare and Social Science.


uea dev dissertation handbook

Corporate Social Responsibility Charities Information. Effectiveness of strategic environmental assessment: Examine the relevance of organic labels from the consumers’ viewpoint case study NorwichUK. Once you have run your search, use the option on the left-hand menu to refine to “catalogue only”.

An investigation into the management of the water component within the environmental management systems.

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A comparative study of voluntary v. When you run your search, make sure you include the following in your search terms: Corporate culture and integrated management systems: Farmers’ willingness to participate in biodiversity offsets and how contract attributes may influence the supply of land for offsets.

An evaluation of the role of employee involvement in EMS implementation and its influence on the implementation process. Finance Undergraduate Fees and Funding. Key Dates and Events Semester Dates. An investigation into the theory of public participation in environmental impact assessments applied to a case study in coastal management planning.

Onshore wind energy developments – eua the variability in installation in England a result of the planning process?