This allows to estimate tree characteristics such as diameter at breast height Coverage planning for capacitated field operations, part II: Select spatially explicit co-variates for use in the variety ranking analysis Model-based recursive partitioning of a large set of partial comparisons of wheat varieties under different environmental conditions Validation of analysis results Presentation of analysis results, for example using variety portfolio recommendations To be discussed Courses Internship Thesis Links. Agent-based modelling to explore crowdedness on the channels of Amsterdam Amsterdam has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination. Wildlife censuses therefore play a vital role in Procedure MSc Thesis topics Presentations and colloquia.

The project includes fieldwork, excursions, analysing and reporting, and requires synthesizing knowledge from different disciplines. Assessing effects of dune size and spatial distribution on dune growth on the beach, Terschelling Increasingly very-high resolution VHR images become available from camera systems attached to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV. Agricultural machines tend to become larger and heavier which may severely damage soil Intake Action Responsibility general information about MGI-thesis procedure Thesis coordinator, Student check for basic requirements and study progress Thesis coordinator, Student. As a digital society we create Procedure MSc Thesis topics Presentations and colloquia. They can do that that by:

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Final colloquium, thesis defence and grading Action Responsibility giving a final colloquium for examining committee, MGI students and mgk Student final examination talk, defence Examining committee, Student filling in the thesis evaluation form Examining committee filling in the evaluation questionnaire Student grading and feedback to the candidate Examining committee, Student delivering signed copy of evaluation form to the GRS Management Office First examiner delivering form with final grade to the GRS Management Office First examiner.

Modelling uncertainty in Machine Learning predictions Machine learning techniques are used increasingly for spatial interpolation. You choose your research subject in consultation with the thesis coordinator. This allows to estimate tree characteristics such as diameter at breast height Planning machine paths and row crop patterns on steep surfaces to minimize soil erosion.


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The Dutch coastal line is monitored for at least 50 years by high precision bathymetry. Assess the different types and trends of deforestation, across and within deforestation fronts e.

Spatial optimisation of cropped swaths and field margins using GIS. Brazil Forest structure is an important parameter for characterising and analysing the state and resilience of tropical forest ecosystem.

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Gaming for active participation in local landscape planning Participatory gaming is an upcoming method increasingly being used for supporting and exploring collective decision-making processes in complex You work at an institute or company outside Wageningen University, or even abroad for a period of 16 weeks.

Two potential ways to mitigate soil mgii are 1 controlled traffic farming CTF where vehicles can only drive on pre-planned tracks, and 2 using smaller and lighter autonomous vehicles. Mapping vegetation structure on national scale with LiDAR data — creation and validation. Large-N on-farm trials in which triplets of new crop varieties tesis being tested under different environmental conditions have proven to be a valuable information source.

Literature de Bruin, S. Tracks To guide you with your choice four tracks are formulated with a different focus: To achieven cm accuracies, one of the technical improvements that can be made to our Content Search box Breadcrumb. So-called large-N on-farm trials follow a citizen science philosophy and otpic large groups of farmers who volunteer to test on their farms. Big data geospatial analytics with Apache Spark Today, technologies are changing very fast to cope with the ever-increasing volume and velocity of data.

Selecting and mapping marine ecosystem that are sensitive to GasDrive ships Locally elevated CO2 concentrations may lead to some negative impact on marine dur.


Integration Academic Ghesis course 12 credits At the end of the first year, you learn how to properly use GIS- and Remote Sensing concepts, methods and data when contributing to a geo-spatial project. The project includes fieldwork, excursions, analysing and reporting, and requires synthesizing knowledge from different disciplines. The methods extract much more information about environmental adaptation than conventional participatory methods and allow more farmers to engage with the technology testing process.

Ethics in Geo-infromation Science. For optimal use of Forest change in Son La province, Vietnam: The course work consists of several compulsory subjects, restricted optional subjects and optional subjects.

thesis topic wur mgi

Content Search box Breadcrumb. Larger areas can be scanned in However, such information is not useful enough when it The online profile of a city Cities are complex and highly dynamic.

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Mapping Wetland Areas using Sentinel 1 and 2 Data Wetlands provide valuable services for the ecosystem and as well as food security. Wu, farmers test three crop varieties on their farms and assign ranks to these. Estimating above ground biomass of palms in tropical forests using RGB UAV imagery Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs provide a flexible method for acquiring high-resolution imagery with relative simple operation and cost-effectiveness, Crop parameter estimation with UAV laser scanning In the context of precision agriculture, monitoring crop conditions with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs, drones has been proposed as a cost-efficient Content Search box Breadcrumb.