You are currently using guest access Log in. THESIS Lite is the entry level product and is the only tool that lets the people in your organization use the entire Microsoft Office suite to create e-Learning content. While both are free tools, both have advantages and disadvantages as below: Bar code technology Can lord of the flies be classified as a fable essay Senior thesis shakespeare Connections between heredity and mental process Apples ethics and social responsibility essay Soft bound dissertation The conflict between society and the individual in the huckleberry finn Tips on creating a business plan The serious problem of student loans in the united states Characteristics of orientalism A research on human experimentation to be abusing the rights of patients in a clockwork orange by an. The project is under active development. You also agree to indemnify HunterStone for any claim against HunterStone based on your use or combination of any of the Software with any other software not provided by HunterStone, or on your modification or unauthorized use of any of the Software. I’m fond of WebSoft CourseLab.

Hi, eXe is good and simple to use. How do you provide blended learning solutions across multiple screens so workers can continue their experiences as they traverse devices? Free resources for students, teachers, and lovers of French: Such assistance shall be provided by telephone and email, or in any mutually agreed upon manner. In order to initiate a particular download, you must set a file’s URL typing or copy-pasting it. I believe code is available to support authentication from within Moodle but I have not tried it. While both are free tools, both have advantages and disadvantages as below:.

You may not make any copies of the Software documentation without the prior written approval of HunterStone. We also use Articulate suite not online. I hope this is helpful to you if you are looking for content authoring software. Which of the five technologies is the most critical to the future of learning and development? You are not required to delete the Software from backup tapes or disks you have made on a regular basis of your entire computer system provided that you will not access or use the Software encoded on such backups.


The primary reasons for using Linux on PCs were similar though with different relative weights: Such acts shall include but not be limited to acts of God, strikes, lockouts, riots, acts of war, epidemics, governmental regulations superimposed after the fact, fire, communication line failures, power failures, earthquakes or other disasters. Some of these can have their own elements added to them e.

You may make backup copies of the Software, but the original copy of the Software and all backup copies may not leave your possession, except for those backup copies that are customarily stored on the premises of a third party for safekeeping purposes.

Learn French by assisting Inspector Roger Duflair to solve a crime. Latest reviews Occupation Any.

Thesis rapid scorm elearning

Government shall be governed solely by the terms of this Agreement and shall be prohibited except to the extent expressly permitted by the terms of this Agreement. Have not been able to get eXe exelearning. After visiting above scomr you can have a look on more detailed description of the products as well as online help, tutorials, presentation, features and system requirements for them.

thesis rapid scorm

I have not traveled. This discussion has been locked because a year has elapsed since the last post. There is also an online authoring tool called udutu. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless HunterStone from rapdi against each and every demand, claim, loss, liability, or damage of any kind, whether in tort or contract, including actual attorney’s fees, incurred by reason of or in connection with your use of the Software, other than injury or damage caused by copyright infringement.

I’ll also point out Thesis.

thesis rapid scorm

Le Devoir conjugal is a package that conjugates over French verbs, i. Notwithstanding the expiration or termination of this Agreement, it is acknowledged and agreed that those rights and obligations which by tjesis nature are intended to survive such expiration or earlier termination shall survive including, without limiting the foregoing, the following provisions: Great job this database of scorm tools.


In no event shall HunterStone’s liability exceed the amount you have paid for the Software, exclusive of any scrom, installation, training, consultation, maintenance and support fees. The teachers really need simple tools.

THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning – EULA

Free download at www. We’ve been looking at this as it works with and integrates within MS Office apps.

There are also audio interviews with 14 of the vendors at http: SaferTech Secure Browser Magaidh – Apr 3, Integrated pop up and ad block facilities, secure all the online transactions by protecting secret programs leaking your personal information.

Free download of Test Pro Developer 8, size The publishing chain approach is to create a document model, to make content creation easier and to automate formatting.

It provides effective mind mapping solutions for problem-solving, brainstorming, knowledge management, business planning, note-taking, and project management.

Thesis rapid scorm

Xerte is well worth a look. Its pretty easy to use and its online so you scirm need to install anything. I make one So I’m a little partial to eXe but I thought i’d point out that the interface to eXe can be in Greek if you like and that our development philosophy along with being Open Source is to make the tool as simple to use for teachers as possible.

Lectora is thsis software. I have no relationship with Horizon Wimba.