The Fortitude, , Screening coverage for cervic Based on the meaning both words, they are equivalent and the word is shared in Indonesian dictionary. The collected data were closely observed in SL and TL. Those words included; morally becomes moral, concentrate becomes konsentrasikan, romance becomes roman, mania becomes maniak, fanaticism becomes fanatic, motive becomes motif, revolutionary becomes revolusi, and mile becomes mil. Those words were taken directly from the SL into the TL to show that the borrowing techniques in the translation were applied in the pure borrowing.

Firstly, the word is fully taken into BI such as reshuffle, shuttlecock, and long march; these words are used in BI context; however, the pronunciation is still used originally. To make it clearer some examples of common noun which found from the data were as follows: Vinay and Darbelnet in Venuti Reading the novel repeatedly 2. The word golf in the TL is directly taken from the SL without any change.

When an expression or a word is taken over purely in TL without any changeit is called pure borrowing. Those words were taken directly from the SL into the TL to show that the borrowing techniques in the translation are applied in the pure borrowing.

Alvabet Alwi, Hasan, dkk ed.

In this analysis, the borrowing technique used to translate the lexical items of source language into the target language included two borrowing techniques, namely: The science of translation: It is needed a residue or do more research related to the some words in the naturalized borrowing.

The meaning of words acrobatic and akrobatik has equivalent, however, the word categories of both the SL and the TL is not the same.


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More than the phonetic system, the factor determining borrowing in the translation linguistlk place structurally. Based on the explanation above that is not all of the word by suffix —ic has the same category with reference to their translation, specially, the translation from English word into Indonesian.

After the Dutch language, the second rank in the word absorption is English.

English syntax and argumentation, 2nd edn. Then, the spelling is directly taken in the Linguiztik without modification toward their elements system. Selama I was now violently recalled kesibukanku itu aku hamper- to the fact of her existence hampir tidak melihatteman Christie, No SL TL 1 instruction p.

In the TL, the words include; teknis and tropis are categorized as an adjective.

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That is a singular form. It is indicated that the spelling in the SL are directly taken in the TL. The leading Celtic people of Gaul, in the time of C? The research was conducted by Nadime F. The word aktor in the TL is categorized as a noun.

Christie, balik surat kabar komik In this case, the pronunciation of the word fromalities was modified in TL.

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Universitas Udayana is a public university in Denpasar, Indonesia. The word pound is not shared in KBBI. The intensity of violent emotions as muscular tension.

Mother lijguistik interference on EFL: Analisis Penerjemahan dan Pemaknaan Istilah Teknis: To translate text does not only change the language form from one to other language sit needs such a type of expertise to acquire the characteristics of text; one of them is the discipline knowledge in which the text is taking place. No SL TL 1 editor editor 2 hotel hotel 3 villa villa 4 telegram telegram 5 mafia mafia 6 geranium geranium 7 golf golf 8 pound pound 9 bank bank 10 partner partner 11 film film 12 primula primula hhesis harem harem 14 franc franc 15 pot pot 16 penny penny 17 omelette omelette 18 tisane tisane 19 shock shock The table above shows that the technique used is borrowing.


Based on the explanation above, it is to show that the form both words are not the same, the word photographers is a plural form but the word fotografer is singular in the TL.

thesis linguistik unud

The suffix derives a comparatively small number of mostly established nouns referring exclusively to female actors, Oxford, Those words are added by suffix —ity. That is a noun in the word type.

thesis linguistik unud

I have already pointed out that the materialistic conception of the world is just as capable of enchanting men as any other—pantheistic or idealistic. There are six kinds of noun in English. The word November is categorized as a proper noun, which starts with a capital letter.

Language barrier is one lingustik linguistic aspects, which plays an important role in translation, especially the structure applied in the translation itself.