The first page is in Dutch, the second page in English. General information Doctoral research at Flemish universities usually takes a minimum of 4 years. Information for the department: Design them like this: Home Research Doctoral research Enrolment doctorate Ph. Do not use other logos.

The Faculty Board examines if your thesis is admissible. Hand in 4 instead of 5 hard copies and the proof of the Biblio submission to the Faculty Student Administration. The slides are programmed in the secondary font Arial , because they are often shared outside of Ghent University. Usually, these documents are awarded and handed over immediately after the defense. The proclamation follows immediately after the deliberation.

Design them like this:.

thesis fbw ugent

A master dissertation includes mainly research; an internship is day-to-day work at a company. In English or Dutch.

thesis fbw ugent

Once you are admitted to the public defense, the Faculty Student Administration makes sure the date of your defense is published on the Ghent University websiteusually sooner than 60 days after the first meeting ugnt the exam commission. Or show the corporate film of Ghent University: Check the deadlines Check the deadline to submit documents for the Faculty Board. Prepare your internal defense based on the review reports The internal defense max.

2. Digital

UGent Panno Text Medium 70 pt for icon on 50 pixels: Home Research Doctoral research Enrolment doctorate Ph. The timelines for the international joint programmes ‘International MSc in Rural Development’ and ‘International MSc in Sustainable and innovative natural resource management’ are different.


If applicable, the Exam Committee also declares you have successfully completed the doctoral training programme. This consists of two parts:.

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Each version is available in English or Dutch, in pixels not too heavy for internet of pixels for big or wide screen. This should take place between 30 and 90 days after submission of the doctoral dissertation. Watch online on Thezis Download in. There is a template for the central administration and a template for the 11 faculties. Open the existing presentation.

Grid and layout 7.

thesis fbw ugent

The first page is in Dutch, the second page in English. Read the ‘Instructions’ here below to install the signature in your e-mail software. Make sure which line is in bold too. You don’t need to fill in everything, opening hours for example are optional.

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Click on ‘Save’ and ‘Ok’. Certain doctoral students are required to successfully complete the doctoral training programme prior to the defense. This committee evaluates the quality of the dissertation and decides whether you can be admitted to the public defense, possibly after making changes to your dissertation.


Deliberation The oral defense takes place in cbw presence of the Exam Committee and the public.

One week before the internal defense, the Faculty Student Administration will send you the reports of the jury members. Design them like this: Mail the seperate image s: The end point is marked by the public defense of your doctoral dissertation or doctoral exam. Simply use your account name to differentiate which part of Ghent University you are.

Choice of paper Your defense will take tesis 1 and maximum 2 hours. The Faculty Ugnt Administration keeps you updated about what to do after the Internal defense.

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Publish your dissertation on Biblio, print the proof and mail it to the Faculty Student Administration. There are no ‘official’ templates for LaTeX for all faculties. Video formats or moving images are not possible.