Once V0 raises to v0, it is capable of functioning as a Probe for the direct object and subsequently values accusative Case. Tuesday evenings in Princeton were always something to look forward to, thanks to sensational and gluttonous! Those readers who are not particularly interested in the theoretical details of the Chomskyan approach assumed throughout this thesis may wish to skip directly to Chapter 2 where I begin my discussion of unaccusativity and present the relevant data from Russian. While the Experiencer, is, indeed, merged as an internal argument in these constructions, the empirical evidence indicates that the Theme merges as the external argument. These data come from a detailed examination of distributivity in Russian, based on the English facts presented below. I am incredibly grateful to Bob for putting the course together and for his contributions to my work in the years that followed. However, these numbers are only distinguishable by Case in a very specific environment, namely, as pre-nominal quantifiers to masculine animate objects.

This is a larger issue that is clearly beyond the scope of this discussion. Belletti and Rizzi first pointed out three classes of Psych-verbs in Italian: This model is shown in 5. Vanja ne Vojnu i Mir. Furthermore, it is suggested that impersonal agreement is in fact not a type of default agreement, but rather, appears as the morphological manifestation of feature-matching via AGREE between two!

Structural connections in syntax fissertation processing: An alternative analysis is that it is the semantic type of the NP that matters, as has been proposed by Kaganand Borschev et al.

Harves dissertation (MOPL# 21): abstract

Structural Case-assignment rules are redundant and should not be represented in the lexicon. Hence, it raises overtly, resulting in the structure in I set these issues aside for the moment, leaving them for future research and instead move on to our next set of 2.


First, to my parents, Duane and Sue Harves, who have never stopped believing in me, have supported me in every possible way to the very end, and whom I will never stop loving. Morphological evidence for the stability of these predicates comes from the fact these predicates do not have —sja or non- sja counterparts.

Here the data become even harces intriguing. Chandra has been the best friend that anyone could ever ask for, and she knows how much I am grateful to her for. Recall that middles, as in a, do not allow by-phrases. Finally, to Olivier Pauluis, whom I love with all my heart. On coming the pub in the North West of England: As Partee et al.

In Megan Keough ed. With a few exceptions the utterance context does not get the attention it deserves in the theoretical literature.

stephanie harves dissertation

However, I will maintain, in modified form, her proposal that Neg0 is responsible for genitive Case-checking in my analysis in section 2. Locative Inversion A fourth diagnostic discussed recently by Babyonyshev is the Locative English unaccusatives a. The reason for including these examples in the current discussion is to try to pinpoint the syntactic location of AspP with respect to NegP.

Ja uvidel dvux Babby Given that v0 is! Hence, Merger of the feature bundles still occurs, uniting matching features, although, in our system, this only occurs at MS.


While Chomsky provides a convenient means of side- stepping this potential problem, another more serious problem remains. This projection is only present in main clauses and disseryation responsible for main clause phenomena across languages. Therefore, I follow Halle and Marantz in assuming that phonological features of lexical items play no role in the narrow syntactic component, but rather, are mapped onto syntactic structures only at the interface to Morphological Structure.

Jim Lavine was also someone I could always rely on for many things, whether it be asking for comments hrves a paper or dissertation! Vasja locked door- b.

stephanie harves dissertation

It is important to understand that not all NPs raise for Scope under this proposal. She proposes a referentiality constraint on Gen-Neg.

stephanie harves dissertation

This indicates that the Theme is in fact not an internal argument. Peti na koncerte ne bylo. Gianni ha corso unergative Gianni has run b. Throughout this investigation, I will be dissergation a predicate-based approach to the interface between syntax and the lexicon, following Hale and KeyserBorer and Arad A view from Cuzco Quechua.

stephanie harves dissertation

Semantics of genitive objects in Russian: Here I discuss five diagnostics posited for unaccusativity in Russian and propose a structure that accounts for each of them. I will therefore assume that the object in these constructions constitutes either the Target or Subject Matter of emotion.