Sign up for a new account in our community. Hoster would have been pissed off about that and was allready a enemy of the king. If you don’t see that as all that suspicious then one has literally nothing to build that theory on. Overthrow Aerys in order to effectively remove the top rung of the feudal ladder and go back to having a bunch of smaller seperate kingdoms who would no longer have to pay taxes to or take orders from King’s Landing or 2. Use the appropriate spoiler tag. Lady Dustin’s contempt for Rickard Stark and the Stark family in general is only topped by her loathing for Rickard’s maester, Walys.

While the exact nature of the arrangements in Westeros probably vary a lot just like they did in the medieval world but basically using ASOIAF terms for nobility:. He could not be trusted. While Aegon I was moving away from the North when this happened, I believe this can be considered defensive. Don’t use spoilers, quotes, or rhetorical questions as weapons. What did Walys know? Tumbleton could have been KL, Oldtown, or Lannisport.


I never said they were not subtle. But it would be interesting to know whether his seeming loyalty to Tywin is tied to a possible higher loyalty to an anti-Targaryen faction at the Citadel, the likes of which Marwyn speaks of. Afterward my father nursed some hope of wedding me to Brandon’s brother Eddard, but Catelyn Tully got that one as well. In fact, what Lady Dustin calls “southron ambitions” of Lord Rickard Stark seems to be not so much a conspiracy theory of hers than reality.


southron ambitions essay

The loss of his own heirs Elbert and Denys weakened his dynasty severely, and the bad marriage with Lysa Tully let it face extinction. Walys, and Cressen, are two maesters whose actions place them at the forefront as candidates to be leaders of the maester’s conspiracy that Marwyn tells Sam about in A Feast for Crows.


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southron ambitions essay

Tweet Share Essau Comment. Fan Art should be posted in our weekly Friday Fan Art threads. That’s a pretty big concession from someone vying for the Iron Throne.

What are other ideas do people have? I think there are lots of reasons, but simply put they are trying to construct a world that rejects rule by those who have imposed their will through magic, superstition, prophecy, and dragons.

How Game of Thrones celebrates reversals of fortune. I went with the term isolationism because its a tendency to keep ones affairs away from other nations and the definition is more broad. Join John and SeannieWan as they metaphorically tear the roof off the son souhron a bitch that is the Stark Men! To reveal, simply hover or tap on the text!

While also having the Stormlands close to the capital. Type it rssay or search for it on A Search of Ice and Fire. Brandon strangled himself trying to get to the sword and save his father.

southron ambitions essay

A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar. All his issues with House Targaryen came after he had already asked Rickard for Lyanna’s hand. Instead it tells us the decision to put Robert on the throne is made some time after Rickard and Brandon are murdered, and after Ned, Robert, and Jon agree to raise their banners in rebellion. Sadly, Lord Dustin died in the ensuing skirmish with three Kingsguard knights. Kinship doesn’t save you from a kinslayer, and having a daughter married to some great lord doesn’t mean this guy is going to help you get a crown – or not invade your land if he thinks he can get away with that.

Southron Ambitions ~ Tower of the Hand

Aside from cultural isolation, the North is geographically isolated. I’m willing to buy Marwyn’s fear of the maesters trying to kill Dany and the dragons, but that would be because of the dragons. Marwyn indicates the maesters may have killed the last dragons the dragons in the Dance killed each other or were killed by ambitiions mad mob and he apparently believes Sam and Aemon may have been in danger because of their knowledge about Daenerys and the dragons – revealing that the dragons are the issue, not the Targaryens and their descendants and cousins.


No one anticipated that move, but it created a fait accompli.

But there is actually a prelude to these events. As Roose Bolton states Lady Barbrey is a woman who knows how to nurse a grievance. Since Robert was the adolescent overlord of the Stormlands, influencing him had to be an easy exercise for Jon Arryn. What exactly was happening in these years that five major ambiitions at least considered forging an alliance?

That includes the widowed Stark, Arryn, Tully, and Lannister lords, all young enough to wed to secure allies in their alleged plot against the Targaryens, had doing so been deemed so important, as well as the four people who had been long betrothed, but whose families had apparently had no urgency to turn those betrothals into marriages.

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Rickard was then summoned to court and executed together with Exsay. There is no evidence for these fosterings having any offensive or defensive intent towards House Targaryen.

TPTWP return to the abyss that is the tiny grey area of interest between the super-hit television adaptation and the source material fantasy novels- an abyss that forges these two mediums together and creates a glob of chit-chatting that interests both book-readers and show-watchers the same.