Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the role of the apparent diffusion coefficient ADC values in the differentiation between malignant and benign solitary thyroid nodules. The final histopathological diagnosis of the resected gland proved that 33 patients Clinical evaluation, repeat scintigraphy and serum thyroglobulin measurement are performed 6—12 months later to assess the adequacy of ablation and to detect and treat metastatic disease under elevated TSH drive. Abstract The solitary thyroid nodule is a palpable discrete swelling within an apparently normal gland. Four cases were diagnosed as suspicious for papillary carcinoma by FNAC, two of them were papillary carcinoma and the other two were non-neoplastic adenomatous goiter in histopathological examination.

Finally, FNA should be performed on any abnormal- appearing or palpable cervical lymph nodes. There were cases of clinically detected STN. Int J res Med Sci. Neck dissection was done in 33 patients, out of them 13 showed metastatic deposit in the lymph nodes. Risk factors for malignancy in patients with solitary thyroid nodules and their impact on the management.

Chest radiography and thoracic inlet view are not routinely indicated for the patient with solitary thyroid nodule but should be requested in the presence of obstructive symptoms, tracheal deviation or suspected retrosternal extension.

All cases diagnosed as carcinoma by FNAC 13 were proved also by noodule examination to be carcinoma;10 cases were diagnosed as papillary carcinoma, two cases as medullary carcinoma, and one case anaplastic carcinoma.

Type of Surgery and operative findings Hemithyroidectomy was done in 56 DNA aneuploidy was found to be more common in patients with thyroid carcinoma.

Hemithyroidectomy was done in 56 Malignant STN was reported in 20 out of 33 Sherif, Mahmoud Farouk Mohammed Ali.


Solitary thyroid nodule; frequency of malignancy at combined military hospital Rawalpindi. Hypocalcemic features were managed with supplementation of calcium and Vitamin D. There were cases of clinically detected STN with available ultrasound findings in the study group. Although conventional open thyroidectomy can be performed with few complications, this approach leaves a visible scar on the anterior surface of the neck in a cosmetically unfavorable location.

Open in a separate window. Table 1 Comparison between nodules having a specified ultrasound characteristic between histologically proven benign nodules versus malignant nodules. Tehsis biology and flow cytometry. N Engl J Sklitary.


Ultrasonographic examination findings were available in patients out solitarry clinically detected STN. Many potential molecular markers have been studied to improve the accuracy of FNAB and have shown great promise in their ability to detect malignancy in FNAB specimens particularly those indeterminate or suspicious biopsies.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

The chance of malignancy is soltiary in those nodules where USG shows solid echogenicity, presence of micro calcification in nodule and associated lymphadenopathy.

Further results pertain only to these patients.

Malignancy in solitary thyroid nodule: A clinicoradiopathological evaluation

Risk factors for malignancy in patients with solitary thyroid nodules and their impact on the management. Hence, the predominance of thyroid nodules in females and increased incidence of malignant thyroid nodules in males noted in our study are similar to that of Tai et al. Increasing incidence of thyroid cancer in the United States, Tesis of neck dissection was taken in those cases with either palpable lymph nodes in the neck or USG finding suggestive of lymphadenopathy.

Many studies have been published in which the ability to predict whether a thyroid nodule is benign or malignant on the basis of US findings was assessed Colour Doppler US has also been evaluated as a diagnostic tool for predicting thyroid cancer, with nodue hypothesis that flow that is predominantly at the periphery of a nodule is suggestive of a benign nodule, while flow predominantly in the central portion of the nodule is suggestive of malignancy.


In thyroiditis, medical treatment takes the upper hand with fewer roles for surgery, which is mainly in the form of tracheal decompression or biopsy taking for assurance of diagnosis.

Keywords Benign tumors, Malignant, Solitary thyroid nodule. Eighteen cases were diagnosed as follicular neoplasm by FNAC.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

This high incidence of malignancy reported in our study is similar to that of Tai et al. Ultrasonography is the most cost-effective imaging procedure, and is highly sensitive in assessing nodule size and number. Three patients with medullary carcinoma were kept on close follow-up.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

The next common entity was multi nodular goiter MNGnoted in Oto cli of N Ame. When FNAC report was malignant, total thyrojd was done. It was contributary in 35 out of 61 cases In thyroiditis, the medical treatment takes the upper hand with fewer roles for surgery, which is mainly in the form of tracheal decompression or biopsy thgroid for assurance of diagnosis.

Thyroid nodules are common. Hemi thyroidectomy and total thyroidectomy with and without neck dissection were performed wherever appropriate.