How to write a great personal statement on a CV. Complete on a piece of computer paper. Spanish — Write first half of new list, 3x each. Monday, April 29, As a general rule, Mrs.

Spelling — Book pp. Spanish — Word search, due on Friday and next test is also in Friday. Wednesday, March 6, Social Studies — Chapter Test on Thursday. Science 4A — No homework tonight.

Photos will be taken next Thursday, Oct.

sms cranford homework

Thursday, May 9, Science 4A — Finish definitions for Chapter 9, if not finished in class. The students are doing very well with the preparations. Spanish — Worksheet, due on Friday.

sms cranford homework

Friday, March 1, Science 5A, 5B and 4A — No academic homework tonight. No other academic homework.

We aim to keep the quality of our papers on the highest level. Mass for the beginning of the school year will be on Monday, at 8: Our writers work closely with you to create the best possible assignment deserving of the highest grade.


Our time to attend the shop will be Thursday, Dec. Science 4A — No homework. Gym is tomorrow, wear Gym uniform.

It was due today, but some still have not completed. English — Finish classwork, pp. Use your text book. Review Week test tomorrow multiple choice.

sms cranford homework

I have now received all permission slips, and requests for chaperone. Spelling — Write misspelled words 5x each, based on pretest. Apparently some students jomework fallen way behind on this assignment … there are questions on sheets for the following chapters: Reading — Vocabulary Unit 1 Test on Tuesday study 12 words on pp.

Monday, May 6, Spanish — Write 3rd page words, 3x each. Meeting will begin at 7 PM in the auditorium.

Mrs. Castle Homework

English — Complete classwork, pp. If you attend that Mass, wear your school uniform. Students received a flyer, re: Spanish — Write words from 3rd page, 3x each. Spanish — Last part of list, 3x each.


Saint Michael School Cranford NJ – Miss Collins Homework

Science — No homework for 5A, 5B or 4A. English — Finish classwork Workbook, p. English — Unit 1 Test tomorrow Sentences. Spelling — Write misspelled words 5x each, based on results of pre-test. We have received requests from 1o parents, in addition to cranvord 4 class parents.