Social Studies — Finish classwork, workbook p. I still need 11!! I still need one more baby picture!! Spelling Write misspelled words 5x each from pre-test. Book due on Friday pp.

You do not have the time or do not want to read actively. Extra credit if you send me your results of the BeMyDisciples. Spelling — Book pp. Every order is complete from scratch. Social Studies — Chapter Test on Thursday. Drama Club practice is tomorrow.

English — Text, p. Science 4A — Chapter 6 test tomorrow! Monday, April 1, Spelling — Write misspelled words 5x each, based on results of pre-test. I am looking forward to seeing results in a few months.

We aim to keep the quality of our papers on the highest level. Science — No homework for any class tonight. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Ms. The presentation begins at 8: Monday, April 15, Our donation items for Cranford Family Care Thanksgiving baskets are: Many reminders and one assignment below. DeMan Homework annoro T Extra credit if you take the Grade 5 Chapter 2 quiz on the website: English — Finish classwork, Workbook, pp. Science — 2 notebooks must be signed.


That has to do only with a small portion of who you are. The students are doing very well with the preparations.

Sms cranford homework

Finish Chapter 3 for homework. I am missing 6.

English — Finish classwork, Workbook, p. How to write a great personal statement on a CV. You need NOT write repetitions of words where the mistake was hyphen only. There will be a small amount of time to complete during class tomorrow, but if 2 or more pages are not yet completed, please work on those for homework.

R eligion — Chapter crznford Test tomorrow.

sms cranford homework

Religion — Test tomorrow on Chapter 9. Still missing ONE baby picture! Please have donations in by Friday, Nov.

sms cranford homework

Still waiting for one baby picture!! Thursday, April 11, All items 50 cents.

Saint Michael School Cranford NJ – Mrs. Larkin Homework

Monday, March 11, Use your text book. I have all but ONE signed envelope.

sms cranford homework

Bring in your Winter Donations mittens, scarves, hats.