This approximation generally holds in this study. C as-grown samples showing carbon molar fraction change. In the Sentaurus ProcessTM [78], the segregation model for a graded solid solvent is available, but the calibration was based only on two sets of experiments using sharp SiGe interfaces under equilibrium conditions, which are not relevant to typical industry structures or annealing conditions. A second 33 prominent atomic configuration is that carbon atoms in the interstitial sites [54], which usually results from the reaction of substitutional carbon with a silicon self-interstitial. These questions will be addressed in Chapter 5. Both the as-grown and annealed P peaks are within the constant Ge and C region. They observed that stacking faults in silicon without an oxide film shrink linearly with nitridation time while stacking faults in silicon with an oxide film grew during nitridation see Figure 5.

For HBT device performance, depending on the applications, two figures of merits are important. It is, however, useful for a simulation tool to have these two terms separated, as in Eq. These two types of point defects are called native point defects, or intrinsic point defects. If different materials are used for emitter and base regions, a heterojunction is created at the emitter-base junction and this BJT becomes an HBT. In this way, the lattice strain status can be directly revealed in the result, which is usually an X-ray intensity contour.

Carbon incorporation is helpful to increase the practical thickness limit as it helps to reduce the compressive strain due to the much smaller carbon size in a SiGe lattice. The results were interesting in that some impurities exhibit the opposite behavior to other impurities under identical conditions.

The incorporation of alien neutral impurities is also possible to suppress dopant diffusion.


Yu Yan ; [] Keywords: Popular dissertations yesterday Frictional Effects on Hertzian Contact and Fracture Elimination of synapses from injured motoneurons: The possibility of applying thermal nitridation as a technology to suppress P diffusion yhesis strained SiGe and SiGe: These questions skge be addressed in Chapter 5. The thermal annealing conditions were designed such that P diffusion happened inside the fully strained-SiGe or fully strained-SiGe: Those secondary ions are then differentiated by a mass analyzer, which produce mass spectra indicating the elemental composition in the sample material.

The above experiments and analysis demonstrated a new approach in measuring segregation hbr. Example codes for each of the above purpose were provided as below. It is also shown that this interstitial undersaturation penetrates to a depth of at least nm.

Bernhard Benna at TI Germany for growing all the wafers and performing the annealing experiments. I would also like to thank Dr.

By separating the segregation term, users of a simulation tool can evaluate the magnitude of the segregation term to see if it is significant enough to be included for the price of longer computation time.

This figure was adapted from Ref.

sige hbt thesis

For C molar fraction at 0. Stanley Philips for helpful discussions and advice, Mr. The Ge dependence can be explained by the increasing contribution from vacancy-assisted mechanism for P diffusion in strained SiGe with the increasing Ge content.

We used MatlabTM to numerically solve the diffusion and segregation transport equations using the finite difference method. One side of the As and Sb profiles are inside the Si: The dashed parts are extrapolation using the Eseg values.

An oxide layer was also used without nitride to create interstitial injection conditions due to the oxynitridation reaction in ammonia.


C structures and the annealing conditions are in a certain range, it is then meaningful to establish empirical models to capture the carbon effect in simpler formats, which are easier to calibrate and more time-efficient for 48 simulations. Maurice Steven and Dr.


sige hbt thesis

As Si-Ge interdiffusion is much slower than Hvt diffusion, annealed Ge profiles are very close to the as-grown Ge profiles; 67 therefore, only Ge as-grown profiles are shown for clarity. For example, the identity of self-interstitial could be Si or Ge becomes a question and their roles in dopant diffusion is still not clear.

Without her enduring support and encouragement, it would not have been possible for me to keep on pursuing a doctorate degree. All zige samples were grown by Mr.

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SiGe HBTs are good examples to investigate coupled diffusion and segregation. As it does not allow the incorporation of the 2nd gradient term eige its flux calculations, we needed to write our own numerical calculation code. In the following discussions, carbon is in molar fractions so that k is dimensionless. The measurement procedures are the same as described in Ch.

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It is known that the equilibrium critical thickness reduces rapidly with increasing Ge fraction [44]. Compared to boron, P diffusion in strained Si0. It also shows how the carriers transport during operation. This topic is of great industry relevance, which can give guidance to the design of SiGe: