Lord Akiyama had lost the battle that Yoshitoki had later died in and had been crucified. So you would think that Taro would want to be loyal to Lord Akiyama for sparing his life. Of the men who play an important role as a father-figure to Taro, which one has the most significant impact on his life? Newer Post Older Post Home. Work Cited Haugaard, Erik Christian. Nuttall’s Room at He shows that he has learned both respect and loyalty from Yoshitoki and Wada Kansuke, for he shows these virtues here.

But they are also born traitors. He does not mind waiting to hear more, as he says in the quote. From him, Taro learns respect. This person does not let Togan or Taro leave and is very rude. Some time later, Taro meets and exchanges poems with girl he falls in love with, Aki-Hime.

One thing Togan taught Taro “more than anything else, was contentment” Haugaard Togan did talw use violence to get what he wants, because he could wait to reach an understanding with the man. Taro is paying respect to his leader. One day, Taro and Togan go to a wrestling match in a more dangerous village.

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He does not mind waiting to hear more, as he says in the quote. People also say that Lord Akiyama is the father figure to Taro because he had faith in him, but Togan had faith in Taro because he trusted that Taro would go live out all of the things he taught samuraus. He also realized that the years he “spent with Togan were probably the happiest” samursis of his life Haugaard A samurai needs to be loyal and needs to have work.


Togan, Yoshitoki and Wada Kansuke have taught him some of these important virtues.

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Togan “helped to form his character” and give “direction to his life” Haugaard At the beginning of the war, Taro is sent to work for Wada Kansuke. He goes from slave to samurai.

Lord Akiyama, who Taro serves for, had mentioned giving Taro a new name but Taro is unsure of when to ask about it.

Some time later, Taro meets and exchanges poems with girl he falls in love with, Aki-Hime. Lord Akiyama had lost the battle that Yoshitoki had atle died in and had been crucified.

Wada Kansuke explained this in the context of Minbu being honored for his own loyalty and bravery. Taro meets and befriends this young samurai.

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It is good that Taro does not expect immediate results and can wait. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

The Samurai’s Tale by Erik Christian Haugaard

That loyalty Lord Takeda will honor. Togan is ewsay one who truly took him in because he sheltered him, gave him food, and taught him the necessary things he needs to know; Lord Akiyama just gave Taro to Togan for Togan to take him in and nurture him.

He would stand in front of a wall and meditate, standing there for much time.

samurais tale essay

To be a good samurai, Taro must exhibit many of the virtues that his friends and mentors have started teaching him. Another event when Wada Kansuke teaches Taro about loyalty is when they samueais sitting around a fire, talking.


It was for the sake of [his] honor that his head was now sent to Lord [Takeda] Shingen.

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Being a samurai must involve patience. Minbu is caught by Wada and is killed. Loyalty is an important lesson for Taro to learn. When we respect others equally, as Yoshitoki and Togan did, we can live in a world where people like Togan are treated nicely in return. Friday, May 8, The Samurai’s Tale: Is Taro willing to samuris up all the comfortable trappings of hearth and home for the dubious privilege of living—and dying—by the sword?

He teaches Taro that meditation and patience helps him. Togan is a Buddhist, not just patient with other people but also with himself. Taro is a servant and Yoshitoki is a samurai.

samurais tale essay

He says the ninjas simply do it for… gold! Togan leads a good example and shows Taro that being patient can help you in life. People also argue that Lord Akiyama is Taro’s father figure because he took in Taro, but that is false because Lord Akiyama only said to take Taro with them.