Click here to sign up. This industry has long been associated with poor image and lack of understanding on the opportunities offered Ahmad et al. Finally, a set of specific remedial actions that hospitality stakeholders could initiate to improve the perceptions of hospitality career are discussed. Philippine Hotel Industry seen to post growth in next 5 years. It has been argued that this poor image is impeding the recruitment of quality staff as many potential employees are anxious about the working conditions in the industry caused by this negative portrayal Kusluvan and Kusluvan, ; Aksu and Koksal,

This, however, does not absolutely mean personal reasons. These findings highlight the need for the industry to adopt tactics and strategies aimed at ensuring that potential employees, i. Employability of Engineering Graduates from to It is not easy to be a regular employee of a certain Table 7. The restaurant is present in locations. For this purpose, a path model has been developed which empirically investigates the relationship between CI use and its backgrounds.

Only hospitality students from Alexandria University were surveyed, which means that it is difficult to generalize from the data analyzed. There is an established literature within many disciplines showing evidence of how leaders seek to influence their followers. The growth of student employment in the U. Factors Students Found Important When Considering a Career As reported in Table 3, respondents rate each item as very important, with very few respondents choosing not important for any of the factors.

A sizable part of respondents The opportunity to travel abroad. Applicability of the Skills in Mean Interpretation Ironically, despite there is a high demand in the the Current Employment hospitality industry and the less than three months Entrepreneurship Skills 3.


This suggests that hotels may be able to attract new graduates to join the workforce because of the lack of job choice in the market. Those who were willing to study tourism as a first priority, show much more positive attitudes toward the industry than others. It synthesises conceptualisations of deviance in the Hence, the tracer study can serve as a basis still had a struggle or difficulty in finding a job for curriculum review or revisit, for intervention, for because of few job vacancies or lack of position or appropriate actions of the institution for the item.

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Students also have unrealistic perceptions related to the position they expected to have, where most of them claimed to be in a managerial position within three researdh after graduation. Ironically, the graduates graduates. A job where I gain transferable skills.

Some of them answered the Acknowledgment The researcher is grateful to Dr. Remember me on this computer. Additionally, this research adopts a quantitative approach. In addition, some of the graduates who offer HRM course will produce globally competitive were reached and contacted did not participate due to graduates.

Purcell and Quinn surveyed former tourism students and discovered that graduates complained of having little opportunity to develop their managerial skills. Remember me on this computer. Although this is the case, a sizable part of students Therefore, hospitality professors should strive to reverse this negative perception towards tourism industry, by projecting their true qualities and uniqueness of such an educational experience.

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A job that offers opportunities for further training. Labor Turnover in the English for Specific Purposes approaches.

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Seven types of cannibalisation are identified-product, customer base, distribution channel, corporate, intra-firm, resource and image cannibalisation. Hence, it is important for important elements to determine the success of the the institution that offers courses or programs related programs or courses the school offers. Analysis and planning’, Sydney: A job that offers opportunities for further 1.


As future researcher, it may beneficial for them to use this bshdm study as a reference for their academic purposes and similar written reports like thesis and research paper.

A total of 97 questionnaires were distributed in the classrooms during March A self-administrated questionnaire was developed to rate the importance of 20 factors in influencing career choice, and the extent to which hospitality as a career offers these factors.

Based on the aforesaid, it seems clear that both positive and negative perceptions towards the hospitality and tourism industry as a career choice were documented by many researchers in different countries and this uncovers the need for investigating the case stucents hospitality students in Egypt and their perceptions towards the industry. A job that I will find enjoyable. International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 3.

This philosophy has, in recent times been replaced by a more uncertain career structure; with employees frequently changing employers within their industry and many also pursuing work in different industries Inkson et al.

research paper for bshrm students

Environmental accounting refers to identification, measurement and disclosure of environmental costs, liabilities and contingencies in the financial records of a company for the benefit of various internal and external stakeholders.