Furthermore, a UK SIPP provides a more diverse range of investment opportunities for individuals — those who wish to self-manage their pension can even include unorthodox investments like commercial property if the client wishes. What are the tax implications in the country or jurisdiction that you are living in? All case studies are based on actual clients. She recited what the original advisors had told her: What should I do? Transparent, independent, fee-based, UK-regulated advice. Please read our Privacy Policy to see how we protect and manage your submitted data.

They will also then consider whether to look at establishing a SMSF or not. I agree to you contacting me by email or phone: She recited what the original advisors had told her: The charges for the structure. We do not recommend due to the uncertain nature of QROPS that anyone based in the US should take them out, especially with the new rules coming into UK pensions in And they were under no obligation to do so.

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The risk of the benefits produced by the new arrangement being lower than the scheme benefits was relatively low — especially if the enhancement was taken into account. The client went ahead and signed the contract for the transfer and the business was processed, when he received the contract he discovered he could not invest into the funds of his choice and he was concerned by the charging structurehis US adviser did some research on the internet and found our website and asked us to help him.

So we told the adviser to put Nic back in the position he would have been in if the transfer had been completed by his 55th birthday.

qrops case study

They have subsequently bought a house and used a recommended mortgage broker who had experience with new migrants to assess all the mortgage providers including the big four banks and apply for a loan with the best mortgage rate and structure available to them.


The next biggest areas of complaint are administration and the suitability of advice. She explained her previous employer had offered an enhanced transfer value ETV to transfer her pension to an alternative pension arrangement.

QROPS CASE STUDY #3 – Mrs White, British expat in Italy, STM Malta QROPS

Firstly, to dispel these myths: She also told us that the adviser had said they were treating her case as urgent, as they recognised she needed the money from the transfer for her new business.

Based on our projections at 6. This was especially the case given that other advisers might well have had similar pressures on their time and resources. At our first meeting we questioned Mrs White on the advice that she was given that prompted her to transfer. John is an electrician who had recently migrated to Australia. JavaScript is required for this content. The suitability of the underlying investment portfolio.

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Sally had realised that this had happened before her pension transfer took place. We reviewed the information Chris had provided about her circumstances. Mo had clearly wanted to withdraw the full cash amount of the ETV. The client was told there would be no charge to do the transfer, which is typical for internal pension transfers in the USA, so it was not a surprise, but the adviser said he would be srops a marketing fee from the insurance company.

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Sally contacted us about a pension transfer that had taken place several years ago.

On their arrival into the super fund, we invested his UK pension funds into a GBP portfolio, while investing his employer contributions into an Australian portfolio. In our view, five months studh an unreasonably long time. Why should I have to pay the full price dase my adviser? What should I do? He was told the plan would provide a better pension when he retired, improved tax free death benefits and he would be able to invest in funds of his choice.

qrops case study

The charges for the structure. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy.

Both had many years of service within the NHS. The adviser had said the transfer could leave her worse off in the long term and had advised her against it.

Mo felt the adviser had led her to believe the transfer would go ahead. We were satisfied the adviser had applied the regulations as they should, and had set out their thinking clearly and fairly. After meeting with our UK advisers, and with their goal to get both Stephen and Nina’s pension funds and as much cash as possible into Australian super within 5 years when he would turn 65a Pension Transfer Analysis PTA was produced outlining recommendations of establishing SIPPS to receive their UK funds prior to transferring.

However, there are still certain regulations in the UK to consider. Through a free consultation we can qroops you to understand several key matters:.