There are 3 BOOM! Like the former segment, the guesser must guess each word based on the verbal cues that the clue-giver provides. Learn to use your brain power. It is a game segment for children sponsored by Flintstones Chewable Vitamins. It is a Facebook promo for the entire month of May that is part of the 40th anniversary celebration of Eat Bulaga!

The cycle of questioning continues until only one remains to play the jackpot round. One winner will be chosen each day. The portion was removed from Eat Bulaga! This forced the Eat The july special was attended by an estimated at bulaga than 60, spectators [18] and solved highest daytime TV rating in the Philippines. The lucky Participant must find the appropriate key, which will be placed on a set of keys, for the briefcase of the participant’s choosing under a one-minute time limit. It is a raffle portion sponsored by the brand Del, where participants must send raffle entries through an envelope with 2 empty sachets of Del Fabric Conditioner of any variant included. The segment went on hiatus in September , but returned shortly after a month in October

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Filipino Rap is a rap battle competition for aspiring Filipino rap groups. Fat-Talbugan alternatively spelled Fat-Talbugan is a beauty pageant for overweight women.

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The segment features Eat Bulaga! The viewers will then vote their preferred contestant through a Facebook reaction on the designated post from the official Facebook page of Eat Bulaga! Unlike the traditional rules of the game, the players are crouched down inside a sack that reaches up to their neck.

The segment delivers most of its stories about Filipino personalities using tongue-in-cheek jokes and double entendres probblem discuss certain rumors and issues. The TeleMovie aired on October 21, Wolving segment has several reincarnations throughout the years, with the mechanics of several reincarnations slightly tweaked and added several challenges auguzt twists, such as GuhEat Bulaga! She gets eat all of us, and lip-syncs the march of our private selves—our insecurities, solve, celebratory moments, and eat.


After the Kalyeserye phenomenon, the portion is alternatively held on the Broadway Centrum instead in the barangay for security reasons, usually on Saturdays or special occasions. The player must collect as many colored papers as he or she can while the papers are being blown around throughout the enclosure. Bayanihan of d’ Pipol returned in and has evolved into one of the most iconic segments of Eat Bulaga!

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The portion was removed from Eat Bulaga! The Vocal Battle began on June 3, One-half of their bodies is dressed in male clothing, while the other half is dressed in female clothing. The contestants are divided into groups each led by an Eat Bulaga! The winner will win prizes such as gift packs from All Day.

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Bayanihan of d’Pipol sponsored by Coca-Cola. Idol of the People is a talent contest to discover the idol of the people in singing and dancing. The winner will receive a large cash prize, which will be entirely awarded to the scholars of solging EBest: Babylimpics is a game segment for infants and toddlers. The contestant who gets the highest score from the Brick Game will be the winner.

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Chosen participants will be able to get free grocery items of any amount from the grocery, uagust the challenge is they must get the grocery items they want under a 3-minute time limit. Each contestant will be given five seconds to answer for each clue given.


Performances are judged by hosts in the studio. Lola Dear is a contest in Eat Bulaga! The hosts periodically blows their whistle to stop the music in order to state the direction that the box must be passed to.

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The segment’s new season is no longer part of Juan for All, All for Juan: A total of 40 participants will be chosen, for the entire month of Solvihgwhere there will be two winners of a sari-sari store showcase worth 50, pesos and one winner of a cash prize worthpesos.

The TeleMovie aired on July 28, Competitors from the barangay of the day play a modified version of the bulagaa potato sack race called “sack and field, field and sack”.

Let’s Do the Switch involves pairs of Eat Bulaga! Each team must control the vehicle to collect coins that increases its score and to avoid traffic cones that reduces its score. Bayanihan of d’Pipol during the love season.

problem solving eat bulaga august 13 2015

Home viewers get a chance to win different prizes just by texting a particular code that would appear right on their television screens.