Retrieved 9 January List of Kalyeserye episodes “Tamang Panahon”. Record-breaking tweets correlate to a pivotal episode of Kalyeserye, mostly about AlDub’s continuing romance. Philippine Daily Inquirer Inc. Retrieved 13 April With 41 million in total tweets within 24 hours We are trying to maintain the spontaneity because that is a big part of its charm.

Rishi Jaitly, one of the executives of Twitter said that the tweets were “real, fresh and organic. Retrieved April 26, Retrieved 15 July Eat Bulaga has raised P14 million from ticket sales from the “Tamang Panahon” concert for its library project. Retrieved 9 January Their first full-length movie entitled My Bebe Love , entered into the Metro Manila Film Festival was the top grosser with an opening-day gross of

Retrieved April 26, Retrieved August 31, Indonesia International Eat Na Ta!

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Such is the case on September 5,as the couple finally saw each other for the first time after their respective performances in the Bulaga Pa More!

Rishi Jaitly, one of the executives of Twitter said that the tweets were “real, fresh and organic. While a lot of tweets came from the Philippines, there was a large number of tweets from the East and West Coasts of the U.

Eat Bulaga April 29 2016 KalyeSerye #‎ALDUBPoreberMahal‬ [2/2]

The Kalyeserye’s main storyline is the Cinderella -like forbidden courtship between the AlDub tandem, with its paramount goal being the first physical meeting between the two, a bulagq continually opposed by Lola Nidora. Alden Richards Maine Mendoza.


Retrieved 11 August Eat Bulaga consistently beats It’s Showtime; Ningning debuts on top of daytime charts”. Retrieved August 26, Retrieved 14 September Retrieved 25 April Retrieved 24 October A social media phenomenon about love and lip-synching” — via www.

Eat Bulaga April 28 KalyeSerye #‎ALDUB41stWeeksary‬ [2/3] – video dailymotion

On the October 24, episode of Eat Bulaga! Fans who were unable to buy tickets were also given the opportunity to donate to the project. Retrieved December 3, InAlden Richards, who had finished filming the miniseries Ilustradowas invited to join Eat Bulaga!

problem solving eat bulaga april 22 2015

Retrieved 18 July They are also called as the “phenomenal love team” due to their rise in popularity after they were accidentally paired on the July 16, episode of the Problem Solving portion of “Juan for All, All for Juan” which later became the first episode of Kalyeserye.

Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 6 September After they personally met in September and Yaya Dub was later allowed to speak, the couple’s interaction is no longer limited to split screen and lip-syncing. There were subgroups which had primary goals such as hashtag trendsetters that sets up hashtags for the day to be used during the show, statistics to monitor tweet counts, hashtag policies that guards the fandom by making sure that they use the correct hashtag and its spelling, and its fandom and character parody accounts that help the fandom to communicate and keep on tweeting.


Dabarkads Edition wildcard round. During the first few months of Kalyeserye, they exclusively interacted through the show’s split screen frame, the AlDub couple’s main communication is through lip syncing audio clips from popular songs, films and TV series.

Eat Bulaga April 29 KalyeSerye #‎ALDUBPoreberMahal‬ [2/2] – video dailymotion

Both episodes of the Kalyeserye marked special milestones for the relationship of the AlDub supercouple. The fandom’s 0215 amount in numbers is one main reason to contributing to AlDub’s success.

That day, the hashtag ALDubEBTamangPanahon reached over 41 million tweets within 24 hours which is now the global record for the most number of tweets within 24 hours[2] beating the record of the World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and Germanywhich consists of Rpoblem by Adolf Alix Jr”. Nominees, Push Awards “. We Have The Answer”. Archived from the original on 20 October These captive audiences factor greatly in the invention and reinvention of AlDub as a phenomenon.