Equations with bar modelling hjcurry Writing Expressions Rachel Mahoney. Multiplying Decimals Rachel Mahoney. Linear Graphs – Higher cjshore. I decided we needed a name for this homework format.

Coordinates and Graphs Mathsblackcat. I received loads of enthusiastic replies. Kathryn and I then made a few more homeworks, and I created a page on my blog containing links to our small collection. Basic Negatives Rachel Mahoney. Simultaneous Equations adapted by Rachel Mahoney. Number Properties Tom Kendall. Expanding Double Brackets DudsPln.

Takeaway Homeworks were popular at the time so I put a spin on the name and went for Pret Homeworks – creating an acronym for the words ‘practise, recall, extend, think’. Sequences – 6 differentiated homeworks burfordmaths.

The popularity of these homeworks was quickly growing – they needed their own website. Simplifying Homewotk Fractions mathsjem. Estimating with pi, fractions and surds AdamGoodridge Solving Equations Kelly Howell. Reading and writing large numbers derrybeg Solving Equations with Fractions Rachel Mahoney. Laws of Indices ExplainingMaths.


Sharing into Ratios DudsPln. Factorising Quadratics Rachel Mahoney.

Maths Homework PRET Algebra, Number and Shape – Access Maths

Linear Programming US slackmath. I received loads of enthusiastic replies. All contributions are welcome! Addition and Subtraction Mathsblackcat. It’s amazing to see Pret Homeworks in action! Pret homework template designed by Kathryn Forster.

Coordinates and Graphs Mathsblackcat.

Mathematics pret homeworks – Number

Decimals to Percentages mathsteague. Addition and Subtraction PammyWhinfield.

pret homework solving equations

Expand and Simplify MissBsResources. Simplifying, Expanding, Substitution and Writing Algebraically.

Indices and Standard Form Missgourlay. Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Completing the Square DancingScotty. Teachers report that the quality of work submitted is often high zolving that students enjoy completing Pret Homeworks.

Algebra Homework

Changing the Subject MissBsResources. Fractions – 4 Operations Missgourlay. Multiplying Decimals Rachel Mahoney. Either way, the feedback is excellent.

pret homework solving equations

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Rachel Mahoney. Simultaneous Equations adapted by Rachel Mahoney.

Dividing Decimals Rachel Mahoney. Fractional and Negative Indices mathsjem. Expanding Double Brackets DudsPln.