See our timeline attached in the resources section. Grade 3 Power Indicators. This was worked into our daily schedule by taking approximately 4 minutes from each of the 7 class periods. As a result, content teams are provided regularly scheduled time for the purpose of collaborating with content team members. Historically, Portage West Middle School has been a high performing school in a high performing school district. This ensures that all students have access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum regardless of the teacher to whom they are assigned. Contracts are used as a reminder system to students and as a means of communication between home and school.

This team has now given way to the Building Intervention Monitoring Team BIMT that meets monthly to look at the implementation of our academic and behavioral interventions. Grade 4 Power Indicators. As a result, content teams are provided regularly scheduled time for the purpose of collaborating with content team members. So in addition to the implementation dip we had an assessment that did not match our current curriculum. Get help with Middle School homework. Even with this information, we realized that our student performance levels in mathematics has declined and so we are doing the following during the school year:

As you can see, there as has been a drastic improvement.

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A presentation and tour for the 5th grade students about the daily schedule, middle school expectations, and activities Data Transfer: Math Support Class Intensive math support class is for students who have multiple demonstrated gaps in math skills as diagnosed through Delta math testing. We are continuing that trend in by having new staff attend workshops or do book studies. Air and online homework help hltline Homework hotline number las vegas.

Tiered Reading Support Students are identified for Tiered Reading Support through a school-wide universal screening process that includes detailed diagnostic testing for students below benchmark on the screener. Students are identified for Tiered Math Support through a school-wide universal screening process that includes detailed diagnostic testing for students below benchmark on the screener. Principal’s Message The staff at Central Elementary School welcomes you and your family to the school year.


Additionally, pprtage per quarter or more often if requested by the team leaderteams are given up to a full day of release time during the school day. This spring Michigan students will take the new M-step assessment that will assess the Common Core. For example, in 7th grade six standards were identified as critical.

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Each of these standards at the 3 grade levels is assessed 6 times a year and broken down by student by benchmark. We are committed to providing every child with a quality 21st century education.

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Social Studies; Special Education. As new staff come to West, we continue to send staff to Solution Tree institute, summits and 2 years ago we brought a Hybrid Institute to Portage Public Schools. For example, if I teach Math 8 during 3rd period; there will be another teacher teaching Math 8 during the 3rd period. This time occurs twice monthly for one hour after school in place of staff meetings. Creating systems of intervention to provide students with additional time and support for learning.

In the school year, a re-allocation of resources led to the development of a new full-time position Student Assistance Program Coordinator to help support our PLC initiatives.

It is also used as a self-advocacy tool for students to become more involved in monitoring their progress.

Students slightly below benchmark, or who have not reached the spring benchmark for their grade level are validated with an additional screener passage and then monitored for adequate growth. In this setting we use a Peer Assisted Reading Strategy.

Portage Public Schools School Address: The progress of these students is carefully monitored and adjusted as needed. In each core area, the teachers have identified the essential standards What do we want kids to know? Student 9 – Special Education support class, behavioral support inside and outside of school won’t do student.


Student 6 – in class math support, assigned to intensive math support class, also gets special education supports as she is visually impaired West Middle is the Kalamazoo Country middle school for students with significant Visual or Hearing Impairments.

A multitude of programs are in place to support the transitions from middle school to sschools school. All math teachers will still have the ability to use the XTS period to give additional time and support to students; but given our math scores we thought we needed this additional idea built into the daily schedule. Student publlc – Guided Advisory class won’t do student.

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Network of Outside Resources: The school frequently communicates the success and challenges of the PRTI program with staff and parents in a variety of ways. This season on Homework Hotline we will be talking about some important issues poratge impact. XTS supports the WMS building goal of increasing student achievement in basic skills which is essential for continuous improvement.

portage public schools homework hotline

As staff members experiment with new ways of meeting the needs of all learners, effective practices are shared with collaborative team members. Phone Fax Bullying Hotline For example, for the 10 students in the 6th scholos math class, they have 3 staff in the class assisting and each student has an individual set of goals or a set of goals in common with other students if the students are struggling with the same concepts.