The students had to choose a paper from the current calendar year. Website supported by the University at Buffalo Libraries. Table I Examples of pharmacogenomic tests with associated CPT codes for identification and documentation. Now, as a result of the genetic information made available through the Human Genome Project, the extent to which this information is accumulating in the biomedical and pharmaceutical literature is staggering. How are they significant? As the utilization of pharmacogenomic testing becomes more widespread, knowledge of how to document these tests will become more valuable. In this case, students learn about the impact and effects of global climate change as well as technologies and practices available to remediate the impact of climate effects.

Students could evaluate the entire course and each instructor. The paper must have been published this year!!!! The class met once a week for minutes. The girls’ reactions to treatment are very different, however, due to genetic differences that alter the metabolism of the chemotherapeutic agent. The paper must be from the primary literature and report on experimental data concerning some aspect of pharmacogenomics or pharmacogenetics.

In-class exercises were given nearly every week and consisted of short-answer problems concerning material covered in the previous lecture or in the assigned readings. Website supported by the University at Buffalo Libraries.

Predict how polymorphisms in the gene for TPMT indicate courses of medical care for particular individuals. Being a relatively new approach to delivering optimal and individualized patient care, pharmacogenomics is still not well understood by many in healthcare Mrazek and Lerman Student course ratings on the pedagogical format of the course and the relevance of course material to professional practice have improved significantly since first implementation in Drugs having relatively specific targets, and polymorphisms in one or a few genes coding for drug transporters or drug metabolizing enzymes may alter drug disposition.


Describe the disease acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL and how it is treated.

A Required Course in Human Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, and Bioinformatics

This specific example of pharmacogenetics, how genetic testing can be used to treat ALL, is later expanded to consider the wider area of pharmacogenomics, where genome-wide testing can provide information about the most appropriate treatment for individuals based on their genetic profile.

Applications to Patient Care. The Clinical Biochemist Reviews. Written examinations, in-class exercises, and a written paper evaluating the current literature were used to evaluate student learning. Predict treatment options given another drug with different genetic polymorphisms.

Examinations covered cass one third of the material each and were entirely short answer and essay. We are waiting for his results.

The course has continually been fine tuned to included materials and case studies demonstrating the growing importance of pharmacogenetics in the practice of pharmacy. The relevance of course topics to professional practice will continue to be emphasized, as will ways in which pharmacists can collaborate with other health care professionals both as a resource on pharmacogenetic information and in patient counseling.

Pharmacogenetics: Using Genetics to Treat Disease

Early on, there were few resources available for those in health information management to consult when documenting these tests. Why is Patrick Paralyzed?

pharmacogenomics case study buffalo

Support Center Support Center. Adv Int Med Pediatr. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

pharmacogenomics case study buffalo

Early adopters had difficulty documenting such procedures using CPT codes for two key reasons: The class met once a week for minutes. To provide students with an understanding of the principles and applications of human genetics and genomics in drug therapy optimization, patient care, and counseling.

pharmacogenomics case study buffalo

Evidence that the objectives of the course are being met are seen in buffalk students evaluations as well as anecdotal comments from former students who note they are among the few with pharmacogenomic training among their peers.


In this case, students learn about the impact and effects of global climate change as well as technologies and practices available to remediate the impact of climate effects.

Stufy will post submitted paper titles on the course website weekly. These findings are more dramatically illustrated by looking at the percentage of students who agreed or strongly agreed with this statement: The general educational outcomes of the course were based on the American Society of Human Genetics guidelines for a medical school core curriculum in genetics.

A Required Course in Human Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, and Bioinformatics

Return to the homepage. The case is called a clicker case because it combines the use of student personal response systems clickers with case teaching methods and formats.

This clicker adaptation is based on “Pharmacogenetics: Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. We forwarded it to the author and she agreed it would be good to modify this, though she preferred to keep it general.

To overcome the documentation challenges posed by pharmacogenomic testing, it is important to know that many pharmacogenomic tests do have specific codes available. Conclusion This course provided pharmacy students with an understanding of pharmacogenetics ranging from genetic principles and the inheritance of complex traits to specific examples of pharmacogenomics in drug therapy. During the third week of the course, how genetic traits are acquired, maintained, and distributed among populations traditional population genetics was discussed.