Students are expected to be scrupulous in crediting those sources that have contributed to the development of their ideas. Students who wish to study in the fall or spring semesters must independently ensure proper visa status for their studies. Students may not make academic progress at another institution and then transfer those credits back to NYU during the term of dismissal. Courses taken outside the program will NOT count towards the degree unless there is written permission from the department obtained in advance. How to Request Enrollment Verification. Program offerings vary from one semester to the next. Working under the mentorship of a faculty supervisor, students select a topic; develop a research model; conduct research and analysis; and write a significant thesis paper to be reviewed by experts in the field.

Is Globalization Finally Happening? Only final grades can be appealed. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with, and follow, the academic policies detailed below. Examples of recent student projects include:. Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures. The essay is a critical component of the application.

Next, the Complainant has the opportunity to respond. This course work is online and faculty-led with content available during this set time frame, which students can complete at thesia during the specified date range. Submitting as one’s own work a paper or results of research purchased or acquired from a commercial firm or another person.

nyu scps thesis

A copy of all communications that address the allegations. For programs with shorter semester courses six to seven weeksstudents must be informed no later than a week prior to midpoint in the academic term. Students who transfer from a Graduate Certificate into a Masters have five 5 years to complete the degree from the time they first enrolled in the Graduate Certificate. The student has two options: The NYU School of Professional Studies is well known for its innovative curricula, which is taught by faculty members who are leaders and innovators in their fields.


Students are required to complete their thesks Diploma Program within one semester with the exception of the Diploma in Medical Coding and the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. Must it be translated for submission?

The faculty sponsor will set any preliminary deadlines or special conditions necessary for successful completion of the project.

Broadly speaking, this will be required in cases where students are working with vulnerable communities such as minors or refugees or when they already have firm plans for publication and intend to draw on interviews and similar materials. Does Diploma Program tuition include all course fees?

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The security and well-being of all members of the University community are matters of fundamental importance. Students may only repeat a course once.

Censure – Written reprimand for violation of specified regulation, including the possibility of more severe disciplinary sanction. If the faculty member determines that a violation of the Policy has occurred and the student immediately admits wrongdoing, the faculty member promptly informs the Departmental Designee verbally and also provides, in writing, a detailed account of the academic integrity infraction describing all relevant facts and circumstances.

If after taking these steps, you believe a grade appeal is justified, the following levels of appeal are available to you: The respondent’s decision not to testify will not presume responsibility for the violation.

What are the admissions requirements?

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scpa If time has elapsed where the previous course content has changed, an NYU course will be evaluated just like any other transfer course. Grade appeals are handled at the school level at New York University and will not be considered at the University level.


Learning to use proper forms of attribution for source materials.

nyu scps thesis

In the process of learning, students acquire ideas from many sources and exchange ideas and opinions with classmates, professors, and others. Once recorded, grades cannot be changed unless some omission or error occurred in the grading process or a grade appeal is honored.

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines – MSGA Academic Website

In addition to the final capstone product, groups will submit a short document approximately pgs. Are international applicants for Diploma Programs required to complete a language placement examination? Content is delivered as an on-site lecture or lab.

My thesiis transcript is rendered in a foreign language. The panel may require that the witness remain available to answer further questions should additional information be required.

Asking your instructors if you have questions about an assignment or the use of sources. Paraphrasing words or ideas from another person’s work without attribution.

nyu scps thesis

The core curriculum is designed to The capstone team is responsible for identifying and obtaining scpz from their faculty sponsor. First Term—Equivalency in the first term is for work required for the degree that carries no credits, such as noncredit remedial course work required as a condition of admission.

Within five business days, the Departmental Designee will then recommend sanctions in writing to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs that align with the scope and severity of the case based on NYUSPS thrsis guidelines.