The digital age presents great opportunities to place more power in people s hands in relation to their health care. February Gateway reference: Each of the 15 Academic Health Science Networks in England focus on working in genuine partnership with local people and organisations to improve the health of the local community and contribute to building a thriving local economy. Prev Post Liverpool ready and rare-ing to go as fashion school gets set to launch. We will build the information management system to create a system to match NHS and commercial stakeholders. Begin knowledge transfer and best practice webinars, first webinar held One further programme webinar Further knowledge transfer webinar Two further programme webinars Further knowledge transfer webinar Regular participation in our ongoing programme of webinars to raise awareness and support the adoption of innovations Seven webinars held

Contents Business Plan We will invite the Innovation Scouts to join the initial educational cohort and elect to become accredited facilitators. We will strengthen content and showcase high impact innovations described in Capability 2. This panel will assess innovations using a standardised protocol see Capability 3 and will highlight innovations which have the greatest potential to contribute to the delivery of the four Innovation Agency goals. Highlight innovations which have demonstrated impact in other regions and are endorsed by other AHSNs We will measure the development of this Capability platform by monitoring the implementation of key milestones, including: Executive Summary Searching for and applying innovative approaches to maintaining the health of citizens and delivering healthcare is an integral part of the way the NHS does business. The impact of the Innovation Agency will be measured in terms of:

Throughout its history, the NHS has faced increasing demands driven by a growing population with an extending lifespan; an increase in its own capability, fueled by advances in knowledge, science and technology; and ever-increasing expectations from the public it serves.

nwc ahsn business plan

Increasing the use and effectiveness of digital communications. Establishing a Culture of Membership and Involvement.

CPD – The CPD Certification Service

Test Beds enable frontline health and buisness workers in seven areas to pioneer and evaluate the use of novel combinations of interconnected devices such as wearable monitors, data analysis and ways of working which will help patients stay well and monitor their busindss themselves at home. Define what success looks like and co-design further course. Drive digital innovation that empowers citizens and the workforce NHS England has set an ambitious target to make the healthcare system paperless bythis vision is encapsulated within Personalised Health and Care This workshop is the first of four on the Coaching for Safe and Improved Culture programme.


nwc ahsn business plan

Build a centre of excellence for digital communication Review the Mayo Clinic and other examples of best practice, define which elements will be adopted over the next seven quarters objectives then to be refined accordingly Launch Innovation Agency on Facebook. The coming year will see the network drive innovation through a combination ahsj new innovative technologies and development of staff to roll out new approaches.

Building and implementing an effective local workforce strategy. Identify an evaluation methodology to measure the impact of digital health busines patient activation Harness our digital communications expertise to capture and diffuse digital innovations in patient safety solutions that respond to specified requirements.

The digital age presents great opportunities to place more power in people s hands in relation to their health care. Delivering Local Health Care. Six businesses supported to establish collaboration Two collaborations established with written agreement and project plan in place All business enquiries responded to within one week and signposted as appropriate.

Over the last 12 months the network has worked alongside organisations across the region to create an infrastructure to support and nurture innovation and collaboration through forging strong partnerships; enabling action and supporting system integration.

NWC AHSN outlines vision for /16 – Liverpool Business News

Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions. The table below outlines the plan to develop these capabilities. The network, which launched inis one of 15 academic health science networks in England.

Lead Provider Framework Draft Scope. It costs the UK economy approximately 8bn when you include NHS, social care, carer costs and loss of income, equal to around 0. New guide to cross-sector working between the NHS and industry can accelerate NHS transformation and boost care for patients Thank you for you enquiry.


nwc ahsn business plan

Liverpool City Region is also commonly referred to as the cancer capital of Europe so we believe this plan will be widely welcomed. The focus is to accelerate the design busijess implementation of new models of gusiness.

Collectively, as a national network, AHSNs support improvements around common themes such as improving patient safety. Irregularity of the heart beat may lead to pooling in the atrium of the heart which can potentially form clots if it is not pumped at a regular rate.

Business Plan

Information and technology for better care. Building up strong networks and partnerships across health, local authorities, universities, housing associations and industry System-wide leadership of the Patient Safety Collaborative with partners shsn the region to build skills and knowledge about safety improvement.

NB ACC is a tool for social care staff in care homes. University of Brighton Sustainable Procurement Strategy.

Along with a focus on industry engagement and strategic communication, they critically include the Liverpool Biomedical Research Centre and the FUTURE initiative which aims to create a database of healthy volunteers who will be fully genotyped for drug disposition genes that will provide a unique resource that will facilitate early phase studies for Industry and healthcare.

The newly published business plan can be downloaded from http: Each quarter we will bring together a senior multidisciplinary peer review panel of respected leaders in the North West Coast, including an NHS chief executive and finance, medical, nursing and operational directors; senior academics and senior Local Enterprise Partner staff members.

Appendix 2 We are focusing on a number of other clinical programmes the rationale for this focus is outlined below. We will accelerate the adoption of digitally-enabled self-care by working in partnership with key stakeholders in the health, social care and third sectors, who have demonstrable capacity to drive major change within the local health economy.