I also verified the originality of contents through plagiarism software. The next step is to have a minimum working example MWE to create your thesis latex document. The candidate must then read widely in the area around the topic. There shall also be a 20 mm margin on the top and bottom of the page. The Chairperson shall arrange for a seminar at which the candidate will explain to the Department the research proposal. No terminal punctuation is used. The Department will decide on the relevance of the topic and its acceptability to the Department and then advise on the prospective supervisors.

Length of the thesis The length of the thesis shall be determined in consultation with the supervisor but the following shall generally apply: The candidate may elect to have one or two associate supervisors chosen by virtue of their expertise in specific areas that the candidate wishes to investigate. In Aflatoxin contamination of groundnuts: The following guidelines refer specifically to Master of Philosophy MPhil and Doctor of Philosophy PhD degrees done through research that lead to a thesis supervised by one or more experienced academic s. The same sections as listed in 3. Four hard copies of the thesis and a soft copy shall be submitted to the Department for distribution to various sections. It is important to indicate the date of access.

LaTeX Tips: NUST SEECS Thesis Formatting Template – Arj’s Findings

To the best of my knowledge it contains no materials previously published or written by another person, nor material which to a substantial extent has been accepted for the award of any degree or diploma at NUST SEECS or at any other educational institute, except where due acknowledgment has been made in the thesis. This may contain religious statements.


Appropriate sections and sub-sections dealing different aspects of the work may be required here. Accessed 15 January The Text The text should be printed on International A4 size paper mx Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spaced and right justified. A candidate may seek permission from the Department to upgrade to a PhD.

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The traditional way is to prepare it as one integrated, whole document, with one Introduction one Literature Review, one Study Area and Methods, etc. The Research Proposal Concept Note Formulation of a Concept Note A candidate is expected to produce a concept note of the proposal, which should be circulated to the Department through the Chairperson.

In quantitative work, thseis is important to show the degree of uncertainty and the methods fformat to calculate these should be mentioned here. The thesis shall be written in English UK spelling.

nust ms thesis format

Discussion This is the most important part of the thesis and ma be treated as such. Punctuation should be consistent and should follow the system shown below.

No numbering is required. However, conclusions and recommendations can be stand alone sections. Length of the thesis The length of the thesis shall be determined in consultation with the supervisor but the following shall generally apply:.

Khalid Latif, you can find the original post here. The current way is to prepare the thesis as a series of chapters each of which may be a stand-alone portion of the thesis.

The candidate will only be regarded as a student after successfully completing the registration procedures. Each reference is single spaced but double spaces separate references. They set the procedure which a candidate who wishes to register for a higher degree MPhil or PhD in the Faculty of Applied Sciences is expected to follow. Higher Degrees Project Proposal Guidelines. At least one of them must be on the academic staff list at NUST. Statistical methods used in the study shall also be included here.

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No terminal punctuation is used. Introduction to the topic and why it needs research, Problem statement, Objectives, Hypotheses where possibleMethods to be used in the data collection. The same sections as listed in 3.

Government re-introduces Thedis use for mosquito control. An MPhil thesis shall normally be between 80 and pages long including the reference list but excluding the appendices.

nust ms thesis format

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the regulations for higher degrees. Results The results should be a factual description of experimental data generated through observation and measurement by the candidate.

LaTeX Tips: NUST SEECS Thesis Formatting Template

This should be about pages long, occasionally rormat. List in alphabetical order; no numbering required. It shall be on one page only and shall be single spaced. Email required Address never made public. Faculty Higher Degrees Committee Expectations In its deliberations the FHDC may return the proposal to the candidate, through the Department, for whatever amendments that may be necessary. Advances in Remote Sensing2,