After the acquisition of the Post Graduate Specialization Diploma, the student can proceed towards submitting a doctoral thesis. December 4, expired Authors Notification: Each year several inter-departmental championships are organized among the teams of the university faculties. This is when new technical schools started to be formed, a procedure was completed three years later, in when the NTUA changed form: The main campus is located in the Zografou area of Athens , housing all the schools of NTUA except architecture, which remains in its traditional location on the Patision Avenue for historical reasons.

LTCP aims at linking scientific and technological research conducted in Athens with the needs and interests of the business world, and to the realization of cultural events related to the promotion of the history and culture of the wider area of Lavreotiki, and the emergence of the history of activities in the past had developed in the maintenance of premises. In , the NTUA alumni formed the core of the Technical Chamber of Greece , the professional organization that serves as the official technical adviser of the Greek state and is responsible for awarding professional licenses to all practicing engineers in Greece. The main building has housed at times the National Gallery and various exhibitions of Schliemann ‘s archaeological findings and relics of the Greek revolution. The principal aim of MIRC is to contribute to the protection and development of mountainous environment and local European cultures and the provision of continuing education. His teaching and research interests include geoscience and remote sensing, environmental monitoring, computer vision and pattern recognition.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paper Templates Please also check the Guidelines. Democritus University of Thrace. The central library building at Zografou campus houses also the historical library of NTUA as a special collection.


The new department’s object was fine arts and engineering. The aim of the conservation project, namely for the Averof to be used again as an educational building, was successfully achieved after the building became operative in the beginning of and won the grand prize of Europa Nostra in The name Polytechnnic came inwith the introduction of several new technical courses.

The academic calendar of NTUA comprises 10 independent, integral academic semesters. Retrieved 11 March The Dancing Department was established in He is author of more than papers receiving more than citations.

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The diploma thesis has to be related to one of the courses of the faculty. After its completion, the building was in continuous use for more than years during which it suffered from several additions and alterations.

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He received the B. Undergraduate studies have a duration of five years. The campus resides near the metro thssis of Katechakiwhich makes it accessible within minutes from any area of Athens. About 23 people were killed in the following events and the uprising ended. School of Rural and Surveying Engineering [19].

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The music department groups regularly perform templat within the facilities of the university, but also elsewhere. School of Civil Engineering [15]. Views Read Edit View history. His teaching and research interests include geoscience and remote sensing, environmental monitoring, computer vision and pattern recognition.

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Czech Technical University in Prague. For foreign students the NTUA Linguistic Service offers the option of attending Tbesis courses during the entire academic yearfree of charge.


University of Western Macedonia. All schools and universities of the country remain closed on that day. It is a self-managed group, which teaches the art of performance and often performs in public. The main sports facilities teemplate NTUA are housed in the Sports Center located to the south of the campus, taking up about 3, square meters.

On 14, 15 and 16 of Novemberthe students were barricaded inside the institute, and started broadcasting a pirate radio transmission, calling the people of Athens to ntja.

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Sincehe has been actively involved in more than 25 EC and National projects. There are also various internal buses temppate allow for transportation within the facilities, driving around the perimeter of the campus and through eight different bus stops.

Participation in the group is free for students. Brief Bio Konstantinos Karantzalos http: The new department, which was later renamed School of Industrial and Fine Artsrapidly evolved towards a major higher education institution.

Admission to NTUA is highly selective and can only be accomplished through achieving exceptional grades in the annual Panhellenic Exams. The Averof building is one of the most important and elegant buildings of the Athenian Neoclassical period located in the center of Athens and the most important work of architect Lysander Kaftanzoglou.

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