They also have to keep pace with the latest advances in the field of Dental Surgery. Management of medically compromised patients with diseases of respiratory tract. Checklists are given in Section IV. Text book of Pediatric Dentistry — Braham and Morris These may be divided into blocks of 6 to 8 months duration each, depending on the training policies of each institution.

They shall also help in teaching students of BDS course and motivate them to develop expertise in diagnosing, treating dental diseases and educate the patients about prevention of dental diseases and serve the people with sincerity and dedication. Knowledge of internal anatomy of permanent teeth, anatomy of root apex and its implications in endodontic treatment. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth, recent advances. The assessment be made by faculty members and peers attending the meeting using Model Checklist 1 in Section IV. Removable dies Note: Volume 1 — Louis W Ripa A minimum of three years of formal training through a graded system of education as specifies, will equip the trainee with skill and knowledge at its completion to be able to practice basic Orthodontics and have the ability to intelligently pursue further apprenticeship towards advanced Orthodontics.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Stomach, gastric juice, mechanism and regulation of gastric secretion. Hormones and mechanism of action, regulation and disorders of secretion. Pathways of Pulp — Cohen and Burns Discuss historical perspective to advancement in the subject proper and related topics.



Special senses – Fundamental knowledge of vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Describe various preventive periodontal measures. List of virus, pathogenesis and mode of infection, list of diagnostic tests, and ntduhs interpretations, methods of prevention and control.

Grading and staging of cancer. Attention to detail 5.


Surgical exposure of unerupted teeth, surgical repositioning tbesis partially erupted teeth. Structure of nerve, neuron and properties of nerve fibers. Text book of Clinical Cariology — Thylstrup and Fejerskov Principles of general surgery, exposure to common general surgical procedures – Neurosurgery: Management of medical emergencies in dental chair. Guidelines for writing the PG dissertation.

Knowledge cognitive domain 2. Space Maintainers and Habit breaking appliances Removable: Psychosomatic aspects of oral diseases.

Principles of radiographic interpretation. Preparation of ground and decalcified sections, tissue processing, sectioning and staining. Every candidate should be required to participate in the teaching and training program of undergraduate students. Evaluation of the PGs is done chair side and if they are found lacking in any area guldelines are not allowed to handle the cases until they gain knowledge in the same.


Clinical pediatric dentistry procedures including restoration of decayed teeth with different restorative materials etc. Competence in the evaluation of management of patients for Anaesthesia.

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Drugs acting on Central Nervous System – General anesthesia. Dental caries — epidemiology, recent concepts of etiological factors, pathophysiology, Histopathology, diagnosis, caries activity tests, prevention of dental caries and management — recent methods. The dynamic interaction of biologic processes and mechanical forces ntrugs on the stomatognathic system during orthodontic treatment.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Understanding Dental Caries — Gordon Nikiforuk They are also expected to use clean and sterile instruments. Pin retained amalgam on molar teeth – 02 4.

It is therefore absolutely necessary for each and every one in the health care delivery to prepare them to deal with these problems. Diet and Nutrition in dentistry – Rutgunn Principles of surgical audit – understanding the audit of process and outcome.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Professional honesty and integrity are to be fostered. Journal of Dental Research