Describe the research idea, your general approach, as well as any unique resources that may be needed for accomplishing the research goal i. These are all the essays of recent winners that I could find online. Here is the more detailed NSF presentation on the requirements. What do I need to complete to apply? Some things that could land you in the ‘reject’ pile are: Reviewers like to see how your previous experiences have led you, or motivated you, to pursue this particular line of research.

Panelists may consider the following with respect to the Broader Impacts Criterion: In my second year, I founded a new organization. How many people were on your team? To prevent spam, please solve this simple math problem below. There is also an interdisciplinary option where you can pick more than one field , and an ‘other’ option where you fill in your own. But I will do my best to review as many as I can on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are your career goals?

I have read some successfully funded essays where the authors speak very little of their previous research some applicants don’t have much previous research experiencebut they instead decided to focus on something that made them stand out from the crowd. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your statmeent to satisfy this requirement. Paragraphs should be L-D structure: What are the objectives eprsonal the proposal?

You want them to find you impressive.

Find out as much information as you can about the program. If I couldn’t figure out the year, I filled in for old format and for new formats. A personal statement is a way to make a narrative out of your CV.


That is, the potential of individuals is evaluated, not just the proposed research. What is the potential for the proposed activity to: Below are some details about the program and some tips for applying. Also, choosing multiple or alternative perslnal makes it harder for you see 6. Make it as clear that you meet these criteria by directly addressing them in your statement.

Statements – NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP)

Senior year, I applied electron microscopy and destructive materials testing to study plasma-material grf. Develop a consistent theme in both of the statementsweaving together your personal story with your academic and career plans and past experiences to make a compelling case why NSF should award you the fellowship. The NSF uses your choice to inform their decision on who your review panel will be which consists of 3 reviewers usually.

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

If you applied in as a grad student and did not win, you are ‘grandfathered’ into the old rules and may apply once more. There are five slots available for applicants to list reference writers. Outside of the classroom, I worked to gain leadership skills. Reach out to potential advisers if you’re an undergraduate studentor meet with your current research adviser if you’re a graduate student to discuss potential topics for your proposal. An academic transcript is required for every institution you have listed in the application module.


Provide referees sufficient time to write a strong letter.

NSF Fellowship

Instead of elaborate details on theory, focus on the rationale for your studies and the existing literature as it supports your proposed work. The challenge is to sell yourself atatement 5 pages and to successful address the two criteria. The decision will be based on your demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering.

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

Each reviewer gets about 30 applications to read individually. My Note about General Requirements: This is also the place satement you will make a case for why you will succeed lersonal graduate research. Also write an outline for what you want to highlight in your 3-page personal statement.

Every experience should speak to one of the selection criteria or program goals: Have backup references in case one of your primary reference writers cannot submit their letter. If you choose the interdisciplinary or other option, you are probably going to get 1 or 2 reviewers from one field, and 1 or 2 from another field.

Is this plan feasible for the allotted time and institutional resources? Experience only Experience and Meaning Sophomore year, I coded neutron transport algorithms.