You can see several of the different participants’ reflections here. We talk theory, explore… Read More. My plan for my talk…. Sousanis defended his dissertation, titled “Unflattening: Occasionally though some of the reposts have been misconstrued….

This comic created in summer of , was the first one I made entirely digitally. In the meantime, an essay I…. Morna wrote up her reflections incorporating some images of my work…. Throughout the work, there have been a number of significant scenes involving feet…. Open Culture scours the web for the best educational media.

The dissertztion he proposes is admitting visual elements, and especially drawings, into the intellectual domain of language. Click here to cancel reply. Back in late November, I was pleased to be contacted by Chris Malmberg of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks about a podcast he and his colleague Brooke Sheridan had made in which they devoted their inaugural session to a discussion of my work and the… Read More.

We talk theory, explore… Read More. So the dissertation is defended, finished, and I graduated.

nick sousanis dissertation

A legendary educator and philosopher, Diszertation was to me my teacher, an advisor, and most importantly my friend. It was a fun challenge to think through presentation as more than one slide at a time and particularly interesting for me to consider in terms of making comics and how one could use that spatial dimension to engage with the audience in different fashion.



My newest piece for the Boston Globe Ideas section came out October 3! Ch3 sequence Where words fail At long last, the next sequence to chapter three!

You can see a google translate attempt here. It was a huge effort, despite being a short piece, as it wound through some highlights of the history of comics as a way….

Sousanis defended his dissertation, titled “Unflattening: For various reasons, I may… Read More. But first, a few bits of news… New interview with me by Pedro Moura on the origins of Nicm, my process, challenges, and more in The Comics Alternative. A unique thought-space Thrilled to finally be able to share this page, which represents the culmination of my thinking on this medium and along with the sequence leading up to it, really gets at the heart of my theorizing ddissertation why comics are cool!

Copernican Revolutions… New pages from Chapter 2! It sounds like a great conversation and given that my work very much grew… Read More.

Nick Sousanis

Archived from the original on We’re hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads. While all but the title page have been posted previously, this is a chance to read them… Read More. Dissertaiton interview is here. First up my… Read More. Heller asked me about my influences — I spoke….


nick sousanis dissertation

Excited to be able to share it in one whole piece and see it that way for myself! Another new page, this time addressing how the unique ecosystem that is comics facilitates visual-verbal interaction — with mentions of the work of RC Harvey, David Lewis, and Edward Tufte. A fun week of early feedback, as people have been sending me pictures of Unflattening on bookstore shelves and arriving in their mail!

Cover, Reframing Inquiry About a month to go to the release of Unflattening!

Nick Sousanis (Columbia University) – Dissertation Form Proposal

San Diego — Unflattening Symphony! For details see Annenberg site here. Most recently, I was at Davidson College, and prior to that…. If you know someone in the area — send them over! Brazil — Unflattening in Portuguese! This bounced around the internet and was also picked up and reworked for features on Open… Read More. Throughout the work, there have been a number of significant scenes involving feet….

I share the thumbnails i made for the layout and a vine video of my process here.