But also in a figurative sense; the atmosphere on the Giulia is extremely charged, everything and everyone is changing. The characters in the novel undergo at least some of the drastic changes seemingly very consciously, almost in an existentialist manner. Minority groups are not only treated on a historical level in the story. The burning city has nothing to do with the splendid and flourishing town as which the narrator describes pre-war Smyrna. When Jerome finally kisses and touches Callie, she cannot take her eyes off of the other couple. The novel presents itself as an ethnic novel and won the Pulitzer Price in which is one of the most highly acclaimed prizes in literature and consequently part of the mainstream.

I tried to forget my body by keeping it in motion. Eugenides plays with the traditions by using and abusing the features of the immigrant novel at the same time. The Promised Land and Jasmine show that both accomplished and shattered dreams are presented in immigrant literature. What makes it worse for Tessie and Milton Stephanides is that they constantly blame themselves because they have listened to Dr Luce instead of considering Cal’s needs and his fears. One aspect is certainly the group emergence and the feeling of belonging:. Sollors strongly opposes the popular tendency of only applying the term ethnicity to minority groups, thereby excluding the dominant one:

He simply lifts his head out of eugeindes water when he presses his body against the porthole and thus avoids to see the faces behind the glass. Ethnic novels can be fictional as well.

At that moment, she not only suspects, but knows that there is more to her unfeminine body than she has thought. After discovering in his library research 5-alpha-reductase deficiencyan autosomal recessive condition manifested primarily in inbred, isolated population groups, his perception of the novel significantly changed.

Mein, Georg and Rieger-Ladich, Markus: Archived from the original on February 26, She obviously can not make sense of her body; she feels disconnected from it and refers to it in abstract terms. Motivated by cheerful letters from a relative, as so many immigrants, they make their way to New York and arrive at Ellis Island. In this sense, newcomers are believed to make the better Americans.


Although middlesrx paternal grandparents were not siblings like the Stephanides, they were silk farmers like their eugfnides counterparts.

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Most people sooner or later create their own space within their work place. This is definitely an intervention in the workers’ private lives.

Cal has always felt like an outsider, first because of his being a grand- child of Greek immigrants.

middlesex eugenides thesis

It is free to anyone to consider him- or herself an Asian American writer, for instance. This employment strategy was and still is typical for jobs on the assembly line or other low- skilled work in a factory: Politics – International Politics – Topic: Instead of getting to know each other, becoming familiar with likes and dislikes, ticklish spots, pet peeves, Desdemona and Lefty tried to defamiliarize themselves with each other.

English – Literature, Works Differences between the play and the The merchant is rich, and so was Smyrna.

They become a kind of clique, sticking together not only because of their common trans- resp. He understandably does not disclose the secret of his intersexuality and is cautious in comments about himself, but nonetheless, the topics they talk about are very personal. Her parents, though, believe the doctor and Callie finally decides to run away in order to live as a boy, the way that she feels is best for her and simply right.

eugenidez Middlesex has several allusions to Greek classical myths; [49] for example, the protagonist is named after Calliopethe muse of heroic poetry. The ship’s company is meanwhile forced to leave behind men and women who jumped into the water, desperately trying to reach the Giulia; the water being a hideous sight full of corpses and half-dead people.


Because the story is so far from my own experience, I had to use a lot of details from my own life to ground it in reality, to make it believable for me and then hopefully for the reader, as well. Therefore, I will give a short discourse on historiographic metafiction in chapter 1.

Ethnicity and ethnic identity in Jeffrey Eugenides’ “Middlesex”

Luce’s methods are indeed quite questionable; for instance, he shows pornographic videos to Callie in order to find out whether she is more attracted to the man or to the woman62 depicted in the film. The narrowness of the one-room-hut contributes to the two couples’ getting closer to each other, but it also makes it possible that Callie is so close to Rex and the Object that she imagines to be him, to feel what he feels when he pets with the Object.

What makes the situation so special is the fact that considering Lefty and Desdemona the change is described as a conscious, well-conceived process. The atmosphere on the ship is a very conspirative one. Explaining that gender is a “very American concept”, he believes that “humans are freer than we realize. Utopias are no real spaces, but analogical to the real space, the real society.

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This quote from Middlesex speaks for the whole novel that overflows with different notions of ethnic representation, ethnic identity, ethnic thesia and self-fashioning. First of all, it is a place full of mysteriousness, a forbidden place that is not meant for everybody to come and go at any time. Retrieved February 6,