Claude Levi-Strauss was a French philosopher and one of the most important cultural theorists of the 20th century. Audience demographics and psychographics Period 4 – Year 12 Media To continue with Ideology and values https: Year 13 Media in C5 Aim: You should follow and annotate. Wednesday, 23 November Thursday 24th November – week 1. At the end of the lesson you will peer assess one another’s analysis and give verbal feedback. This will highlight both identities of the police officer and gang member.

Date filming will be complete. Do you have any questions about the brief and nature of your coursework? Period 3 – Year 10 A – Follow all instructions on the blog. Wednesday 9th November – Week 1. For the remaining time you may work independently on your own chosen case study. How Facebook changed the world Homework:

This will be an excellent opportunity to show the progress we are making towards our Media target grades and also develop the skills coursewotk for the exam in May. You will pitch the film to the rest of the class during this lesson. They are not asking in order to catch you out, they do want genuine feedback but there is a way of doing it, perhaps use sentences like “I would perhaps try to enhance it by incorporating A brief introduction to what the focus group involved A list of key quotes from the focus group recording you don’t need to identify who said each quote and using bullet points is fine What you learned from the discussion and how this will impact on your final product.


AS Level Media Coursework Examples

From now on our Friday broef will be coursework lessons. Discuss and take notes. Setting — The setting between the police officers talking will be taken place in an office to make it more formal as it is a case which is being handed over to one of the officers.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

However, you may find you gain a different kind of experience if you choose to seek work experience from a smaller independent production company. What is a passive and active audience? Deadline is tomorrow for filming footage!

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

The camera mainly focused on Lola throughout the coursewprk film as she was the main protagonist. To understand and apply Marxism and Liberal Pluralism approaches to media texts.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

Can you find any any other independent, arthouse or low-budget examples? Why is ideology important in Media Studies? Did it make a profit against the budget? A detailed breakdown of the target audience for your film now you have completed some audience research: Majority of the time nest there is a scene in a room there would be a long shot to show what’s happening. We want to promote a younger audience and an audience of a lower social status as well.

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What have you learned: Are there any clues on the website regarding the target audience? Wednesday, 16 November Wednesday 16th November – Week 2. Does NDM provide opportunities for open political debate and opinion?

I’m sure you have seen various TV companies asking for programme ideas. It may sound like a lot of work but it will certainly pay off in the end A three-minute film will require extensive storyboarding – you may wish to share this out between two people.


The opening scene of the film is Donnie riding his bike which is a memorable scene as there is an establishing shot of the area where Donnie is at and then it starts to focus on him throughout the whole clip. Posted by Mr Halsey at 1: The first outcome is Lola trying to rescue her boyfriend but then her husband is the one who dies. Period 1 – Year 13 AIM: It is also used to simplify complex situations for easy consumption e.

He survived an accident which was a jet engine that crashes into his bedroom. Storyboard template How to complete a storyboard correctly Period 3: The battle of the Christmas adverts 11 Representation: What is the story that they are trying to tell within the advert?


Gender roles and other groups of representation. Write down key words as prompts this generally helps and you don’t always need them.

Ideology and your own choice of clip 2 Now do the same briwf for a clip of your choice.