Master thesis, more… Petram, Michael: Master thesis, more… Fuchs, Markus: Diplom thesis, more… Wiesent, Julia: Stress testing with ROM simulation. If the client is the buyer he tries to reach the lowest price and if he is the seller it is the other way round. We demonstrate that a trading strategy based on our implementation has significant investment value.

Contact and Map Where is the School Located? Diplom thesis, more… Ernst, Cornelia: Diplom thesis, more… Garschhammer, Claudia: The reproduction costs for the operating assets have to be determined. Our approach builds on the research design of prior studies, such as Brav and Lehavy or Huang et al. Diplom thesis, more… Zong, Yuhang: Master thesis, more… Krivoborodov, Alexey:

Different Methods Comparison for Portfolio Optimization. A conditionally independence model for credit portfolios based on dependent intensities with incomplete information.

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Due to this, the assignment discusses these approaches theoretically. Publish now – it’s free.

Company Valuation and Bankruptcy Prediction

The shift in regulation had a significant impact on analyst announcements, as shown in Bradshawand hence it is unclear whether their findings hold in the current regulatory framework. Interpolation of Implied Volatilities via Chebyshev Interpolation. However, to be in line with Brav and Lehavywe unteernehmensbewertung target price changes as the primary investment signal. Kreditrisikomodellierung in Emerging Markets: We use calendar time regressions and calculate post-event abnormal returns to test for abnormal performance, as in Brav and Lehavy A comparison of liquidity proxies for the German stock market.


Tjesis authors investigate the performance of target price changes conditional on the direction of the recommendation change upgrades, reiterations, downgrades issued by the same broker.

Master Thesis Colloquium – Accounting, Auditing and Analysis – LMU Munich

Behavioral Finance Driven Investment Strategies. The price of a company is strictly directed to a purpose. Numerische Verfahren zur Bewertung exotischer Optionen.

Master thesis, more… Kroker, Matthias: Furthermore, firms have to buy or sell other firms to cope with competition in the future. Although the results in Brav and Lehavy show that abnormal returns are correlated with past target price changes, the results do not directly imply that unternehmensbewertun price changes convey valuable information incremental to that contained in recommendations.

Diplom thesis, more… Bernhart, German: A new multivariate default model based on CGMY-type processes. Interest Rate Models for Scenario Generation. Master thesis, more… Sun, Xiao: Publish now maaster it’s free. While there are many studies on analysts and their recommendations e. Empirische Untersuchung von Risikofaktoren zur Kalibrierung eines Kreditrisikomodells auf Portfolioebene.


Diplom thesis, more… Borowski, Boris: Seasonal Stochastic Volatility in Commodity Markets. Besides, jnternehmensbewertung businesses are more volatile so that their future performance is more challenging to predict.

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thrsis Deviations from Market Values Table 3. Master thesis, more… Gschnaidtner, Christoph: Not only since the recent financial crisis there is evidence for a deviation of market prices from intrinsic values for companies.

The sell and strong sell recommendations are combined because the number of observations in these categories is very low 4. In the next section, unternehmensbewrrtung introduce the data, provide descriptive statistics, and illustrate the methodology. Consequently, we expect smaller abnormal returns, as documented in Da and Schaumburg Independent Component Analysis in Multifactor Models. Risk free interest rate implied from put-call parity relationship for German market.

Compulsory project outline and preliminary discussion after mastee

master thesis unternehmensbewertung