I watched the movie expecting the weirdest of weird i have watched some Asian flicks on TV This movie woke us up. Mangal Pandey, thank GOD you are not alive to see it by yourself, at least me and my friends all Indian could not! In India, the Bhartiya Janata Party demanded a ban on the film, accusing it of showing falsehood and indulging in character assassination of Mangal Pandey. For, the bones of Bahadur Shah are crying vengeance from their grave! We, inspired by your memory, determine to continue the struggle you began in , we refuse to acknowledge the armistice as a truce; we look upon the battles you fought as the battles of the first campaign—the defeat of which cannot be the defeat of the war. However most reviewers and viewers alike have complained about the pace of the first half.

Retrieved from ” https: We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. We, inspired by your memory, determine to continue the struggle you began in , we refuse to acknowledge the armistice as a truce; we look upon the battles you fought as the battles of the first campaign—the defeat of which cannot be the defeat of the war. Before Baugh could draw his sword, Pandey attacked him with a talwar a heavy Indian sword and closing with the adjutant, slashed Baugh on the shoulder and neck and brought him to the ground. Remember the Civil War movie ‘Glory’? Now to the performances..

Granted, Lagaan is a masterpiece in every way, Mangal Pandey is not a sequel, prequel, or in any way shape or form related to Lagaan.

This page was last edited on 21 Mayat The next day, in front of Gordon, alnguage British officers, his fellow sepoys, and the mqngal, Pandey is hanged. Gordon witnesses the assault but does not stop it, leading to tension with Pandey.

But Mangal Pandey could not bear the idea of the utter humiliation that his own people from the 19 th battalion would be put through.


Mangal Pandey

The movie brings opium cultivation, corruption within the Company, the growing distance between English and Indians, as well as backward, traditional Indian attitudes into sharp focus. Regiment was disbanded “with disgrace” on 6 May as a collective punishment, after an investigation by the government, for failing to perform their duty in restraining a mutinous soldier and their officer.

It lies in the north-central part of the country. Therefore while it may be difficult, it panddey be looked at as its own entity. Though Toby Stephens is definitely the best after Aamir Khan in the movie. Rani and Amisha in their small roles are effective. The visual effects of the film are a treat despite minor hiccups. The sepoy will fire at you!

The only redeeming feature of this movie is Toby Stephens. Released around 12th August 15th August Indian Independence Day and centering around Llanguage first Freedom fighter,what does the viewer expect, if not patriotism! Kent, where the cartridge grease is made; indeed, the grease turns out to be pig fat and beef tallow. Congratulations to Aamir and the cast and crew save the director and most especially the editor for making a film of such gargantuan scope for Hindi cinema, even i it does not live up to it’s unbelievably enormous expectations but then again, could anything ever live up to those expectations??

Salutations to all the actual heroes who helped my country India to gain Independence. If they can relate a prostitute with Mangal Pandey, a day will come when we have to see Mahatma Gandhi as a Calvin Klein model, Lala Lajpat Rai as a drunkard lsnguage Subhas Bose as Casanova who goes to bar to dance with bar girls!!

Although adhering a lot mangxl the quotes of history, Ketan Mehta has exercised some freedom.


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The paper used in wrapping the cartridges was of a different colour, arousing suspicions. During the incident itself he shouted to other sepoys: However, in the context of languaage situation, pwndey was a larger issue of unrest due to negligent power brokers. But luckily enough, The Rising was been shown in a near by town. We see the story through the eyes of Mangal and his superior officer William Gordon Toby Stephenswho share a deep friendship. Is it me, or Toby Stephens had more screen time than Aamir?

Despite Gordon’s warning, the court-martial imposes a death sentence on Pandey.

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In the English language, the word pandy was used as a synonym for a sepoy, and in particular, a sepoy who participated in the Indian rebellion of The fact that Aamir took 4 years to make this film complete with growing his locks and that awesome moustache along with tons of research is an anomaly in the Bollywood film industry. You enter the cinema expecting some thing that you had been waiting for 3 or so years but lajguage movie just doesn’t deliver. However, right up to the mutiny the new rifles had not been issued to them, and the cartridges in the magazine of the regiment were as free of grease as they had been through the preceding half-century.

I went to see this movie with a friend of mine from India.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

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mangal pandey essay in gujarati language