I really enjoyed this book of essays. If you approach this book as a conversation with a friend, rather than a self-proclaimed expert talking down to you, then you will have a much more positive reading experience. The book made me think a lot about how we could all be better to each other, if we all decided to value loving better more often. And that is why this book bothered me. If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward to letters globeandmail.

But it was still fascinating to get to see this blend of memoir and reportage work so well in my favor. It is in some ways a very pe This is an enjoyable and thoughtful book: She takes us back to a coal camp in Appalachia in , where her year-old grandmother marries her year-old grandfather to better their economic circumstances. No love story is a short story. It’s almost impossible to become an adult without dragging along with you a heavy load of assumptions about love. Not sure what I like about her essays but maybe it was, her honest explanations of what she was thinking in each moment and then taking me through her thought process. Trivia About How to Fall in Lo

And this one succeeds in presenting love in all its’ realities. Reading these pieces left me with a deep, unshakeable anxiety because I know that what Catron says about how unlikely our modern expectations of relationships are is true, but, like so many, my heart keeps on shouting louder than my brain does.

How to Fall in Love with Anyone: A Memoir in Essays by Mandy Len Catron

In a series of candid, charming and wise essays, she explores what it means to love someone, be loved, and how we present our love to the world.

Be the first to ask a question about How to Fall in Love with Anyone. I didn’t agree with everything in this book, but a great deal of it was incredibly h This is a memoir, not a self-help book, fyi. I’ll make a small commission! Occasionally a great shaft of sunlight pushed through the clouds and the dense deciduous foliage.


That the takeaway of her lyrical exploration of her grandmother’s marriage was that Catron has choice where her grandmother did not felt soft. Through the lens of her own relationships, she teaches us—with a deft, convincing intelligence—some of the vital moves in the art of love.

mandy len catron essay

Or does our obsessing over love stories harm real relationships? It’s also a Alain de Bouton from Essays in Love: But when we were together nothing was mundane: I loved how she cited scientific research many times, pulling in historical and biological information about love and marriage to support mwndy personal experiences and anecdotes.

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Falling in love is easy — it’s staying there that’s hard, and, now in my 30s, it’s that conundrum that keeps me up at night. Open Preview See a Problem? The Invention of Dating by Moira Siegel, who says that dating didn’t need to be invented until the twentieth century when young people were free to move around and live their lives free of the supervision of their parents And Minimizing Marriage by Elizabeth Brake who challenges amatonormativity, the belief that everyone “should be in a central, exclusive, amorous relationship” The New I Do by Susan Pease Gaoua and Vicki Larson, that Catron and her husband used to create a contract a la Big Bang Theory’s roommate relationship agreement that spells out cleaning, dog-walking, money-splitting and even sex.

Why does love last? How to Fall in Love with Anyone: Read all of her things — each of them are special and wonderful and will sift through your mind for days. The author reflects on love through the lens of her own experiences and those of her parents and grandparents, but also discusses the subject more broadly, referencing scientific research and analyzing books, movies, and fairy tales.

mandy len catron essay

Anyway, the book was a quick read and interesting to hear from the author’s personal perspective how marriage has changed and relationships have been redefined – none of the information or research provided was anything new to me, but it was a I really enjoyed this book – read it in two days on vacation. Sometimes, after he left, I would turn on the shower and cry loudly, just to get that impulse out of my lungs.


The longer I stewed about it, the more I considered that maybe Catron’s closing advice is simple because it’s all we know for sure: Want to Read caton. For me, the meat of the book is in its second half, as Catron unravels the threads of the stories we buy into about what love msndy look like, and the ways in which we sabotage perfectly good relationships by comparing them to the conventional tropes of happily-ever-after.

We want to confess our greatest accomplishment and our most terrible memory. At twenty, telling someone what I wanted—not what I was supposed to want, but what I really, genuinely wanted—was the most terrifying thing I could imagine.

What to do about the problem of love?

Review: Mandy Len Catron’s How to Fall in Love with Anyone is a touching guide

The choice of title for this book is more a marketing ploy than an accurate label. Michael Avenatti charged with defrauding Stormy Daniels. The idea that love will come on its own as a reward for quiet virtue led the author to quietly play the chameleon for years as a teenager rather than pursue what she wanted.

In the end, I felt like I was promised to understand a bit more than what I was offered. Feb 17, Janet Hutchinson rated it really liked it Shelves: The author devotes cateon chapters to the love stories of her family, all situated within Appalachia, and details how the relationships allowed individuals to move beyond the circumstances they inherited. It begins sitting across from a man in a bar and ends staring into his eyes for four minutes on a Vancouver bridge, as the questionnaire dictates.

mandy len catron essay