Effect of period of maize fermentation and souring on chemical properties and Amylograph pasting viscosity of ogi. In fact, more than Salts of HCN are called cyanides. Two stakes, each of 2 metres 6 ft 7 in height are used for stalking the plants to vine over it; one for two plants with the other used for bracing with the adjacent stakes. Predicting the effect of blanching, drying temperature and particle size profile on the dispersibility of cowpea flour. Credit from the banking system is regarded as a major factor in agricultural development since it is cheaper than borrowing from the informal sector.

A decrease in the water absorption capacity was recorded in the samples obtained by soaking in water, suggesting coarse particle size. Swelling index Determination of swelling index and solubility was carried out according to the method of Iwuoha These are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated for the consumption of their starchy tubers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. A food for all seasons. Though Nigeria is still a net importer of food, she provides nearly all the staple food consumed by the Nigerian population and exports substantial quantities of food especially to the Economic Community of West Africa States ECOWAS sub-region. Moi-moi is prepared by first soaking the beans in cold water until they are soft yam to remove the fine literature covering or peel. A simplified assay for milled rice amylose.

Support Center Support Center. This situation raises many issues with regards to the ability of the sector to perform its assigned role, especially against the backdrop of an average annual population growth rate of 2.

Into these solutions, 0. The role includes product contribution, market contribution, factor contribution, Johnston literatuer Mellor, Benin J Agric Sci. Effect of processing time on Rheological and functional properties of achi flour as influenced by processing time. Yam is literatufe to be part of the religious heritage of several Nigerian tribe and up to date often play a key role in religious ceremony.

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Amala produced from oven dried flours were observed to be lighter in color than sundried flour Jimoh et al.

Textural And Sensory Properties Of Trifoliate Yam |

Proceedings of the first meeting of the Action Committee grifoliate Raw Materials. Amala produced from oven dried flours were observed to be lighter in color than sundried flour Jimoh et al. In the area, bitter yam serves as food of choice for the diabetic patients and as herb for the treatment of various ailments. It is a protein-rich food yam is a staple in Nigeria.

World J Agric Sci. The swelling index was reported to change in direct proportionality with literatufe steaming time. It has create employment opportunities.

It is also comparable to any starchy root crop in energy and the fleshy tuber is one of the main sources of carbohydrate in the diet of many Nigerians. The raw flour had higher peak viscosity, holding strength, breakdown, final viscosity and setback than the blanched flour. The starch content varies with species and cultivars of yam. Sugar obtained from the hydrolysis of the starch was converted to starch by multiplying by a factor of 0.

literature review on trifoliate yam

Sensory evaluation conducted on the amala revealed that revuew amala from white trifoliate yam flour was acceptable and comparable to amala made from white yam. Pasting viscosities, functional properties, brown index and sensory attributes of the flour and stiff dough were analyzed. The poor road network in the state is a serious setback on the full realization of agricultural potential in the in the state.

Blanching method employed improved the swelling index and water absorption capacity of flour. The swelling power of each flour sample was calculated as a multiple of the original volume. Over the year, a number of factors have posed a serious challenge to the full realization of the Agricultural potentials in the state.


Concentration factor F was obtained from the curve and amylose content was calculated as follows: The supernatant was discarded while the tube with its content was reweighed.

Literature review on trifoliate yam

The south eastern and South-south zones grow maize, cassava, yam, rice cocoa yam, oil palm, vegetables and oranges. Color and taste are permanent features of amala obtained from yam chips flour Akissoe et al.

It also facilitates the adoption of new techniques and the acquisition of improved seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides etc. Brown index value showed the extent of discoloration and could be linked to the total phenol content of the flour and dough Babajide et al. Due trifolixte this factor, a lot of farmers sell their farm produce at harvest, resulting in over supply of these items; this in turn results in the fall of prices.

The swelling index values were within the range observed for raw white yam flour 1. Concentration factor F was obtained from the curve and amylose content was calculated as follows: There is no national security without food security.

literature review on trifoliate yam

In order to cope with the high cost of labour, farmers are compelled to reduce farming holdings to manageable sizes, thus curtailing potential contribution of this literayure to agricultural production. A simplified assay for milled rice amylose.