I cannot prove or disprove what Petrarca wanted or forgot to do, nor—to be crystilline on this point—is this kind of conjecture methodologically sound enough to enter a diplomatic or a critical edition. A Tuscan born ca. Subsequent scholars have praised both, and justly so, for their fine sense of traditions and texts. The entire plot of the Caccia, moreover, may be read as a parodic reversal of the final strophe of Nel dolce tempo, which describes 23 Petrucci , PhD by time of appointment. Is philological method based on the paleographic and codicological observation of the witnesses a fundamental part of editing canonical works in a national tradition? The question posed in this manner admits of certain ambiguities.

Visit the College’s Web site at www. Faxed copies and e-mail attachments will not be accepted. Lingua inglese – Lingua spagnola – Lingua italiana per cittadini stranieri – I candidati sono invitati a mandare il loro Curriculum Vitae a infomo umanaforma. In any case, midst the hypotheses and the extrapolations, Wilkins unambiguously states the facts. Stolen in , the codex was returned to Petrarca in Preferred qualifications include a completed PhD at the time of appointment and competence in another Romance language.

Reinhard Andress, Chair Dept. Programs are held at ten or more sites throughout Italy. In other words, rather than acknowledging the interpretive—not philologi- cal—challenge posed by sonnets and and vs what Petrarch intended to signify through his order, perhaps arriving at the conclusion that Petrarch inserted sonnets and into their positions in the sequence precisely to deter us from too much privileging of Laura and her individual death and to goad us in the direction of more universal issues of transition and conversion, the very editors who should be the custodians av the philological and material evidence have typically responded by overriding and suppressing it.

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Demonstrated ability to teach the courses or perform the duties effectively as described above a teaching demonstration may be part of the interview.

The professorship will be filled in one of the Asian or European languages taught as major subjects in the School of Asian and European Languages and Cultures.


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Or was the codex copied from another that was itself transcribed in that year and in that city? Four ways to follow-up after [URL] application. During this time his letters circulated freely among his friends and admirers, not only as single letters but also as working parts of the final collection.

He copied assiduously himself, supervised those who copied for him, searched for binders55 and, as Brugnolo, Petrucci, and Storey have demonstrated, designed his own elegant mise en page for Vat.

Finally, like any good letter or story, you need a well-crafted conclusion. It is also a reflection on the interre- lation between texts be they literary or non-literary and the material documents that contain them.

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Though tampered with by later hands, the legitimate lectio is the one we find in MS Vat. Felt- and mould-side correlations have been checked for every leaf, as well as compared with the record of watermarks described by Pelaez But there has been a gradual shift in focus among literary scholars and historians that mirrors the evolution of other disciplines in the humanities, from an emphasis on author-centered texts as the product of a single author to the transcription, circulation, and re-interpretation of texts in the complex chain of cause and effect.

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The distinction will not change our reading of the work, but it does speak volumes about the difference between the production of a commentary and textual editing, especially within the context of the national traditions of literary icons such as the Rerum vulgarium fragmenta.

Following a series of periphrases establishing its time and place, the actual vision begins: My academic coursework, communication skills, and leadership experience have prepared me well for this position. We seek a dynamic, energetic teacher familiar with the communicative approach to second language instruction and the use of technology in second language acquisition.

Native or near-native fluency in Ldtter, knowledge of computer assisted instruction, use of FL technology and excellence in undergraduate teaching are required. I argue that the rupture of chronology in poem is deliberate, as is the subsequent repetition: In retrospect, I see that the experience of reading Wilkins also incubated the thesis that Petrarch, more than lw authors, more for instance than Dante or Boccaccio, created an opus that in fact requires would-be interpreters to understand the relevant philological and codicological issues.


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L1, interlinguistic strategies, translation and the teaching of Italian This panel seeks to explore the role of L1, translation and interlinguistic strategies in the Italian language classroom. As frequently occurs when poets speak about politics, there is a predominantly rhetorical stance that does not reflect the status of contemporary political discourse. Johannes Andreae and Familiares IV 15 and As a poet who was very knowledgeable and concerned with transcription, this trend among scribes would have made Petrarca more than a little nervous because copying and formatting technical literature was different from copying and formatting poetry, in which the graphic layout of poems is itself a purveyor of textual meaning.

The first is in v. Candidates should be willing to teach occasional courses in English on major figures of the medieval period and to participate fully in a vibrant undergraduate and graduate program.

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Petrarch constantly dramatizes his encounters with classical texts, perhaps most famously in the account of his ascent of Mt. Applications will be considered as they are received. Ccover first 89 verses of the canzone were transcribed on c.

The desirable requirements for the position are: Successful candidate will teach covee courses at all levels. Introduction to Petrarch and the Textual Origins of Interpretation. Roger Williams University does not discriminate on the basis of gender, handicap, race, age, color, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, national origin, or religion. Additional desirable requirements are: