Some of the ideas require a Google account. A building represented as a polygon. This activity can be adapted for any age group. You’ll also need to install the latest 4. A great mystery style activity.

Geography Carpark Catchphrase From when we were very young. This page contains the entire Juicy Geography collected works – some of which could be considered a little dated. Who wants to be a rivers millionaire? Despite being just a couple of days old, Google Earth Library looks set to become an essential blog for news of content rather than placemarks. I have written up a new Google Earth teaching idea that combines a study of the modern classic Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, with an investigation of Svalbard, one of the settings for the book. In both cases the maps were produced with the drawing tools in Microsoft Word to avoid any copyright problems. The 3D view is really useful for this.

Double click on the bar or series to format it, on the Patterns tab, click the Fill Effects button.

juicy geography coursework

Weathering animations by 6th form students. A really good exemplification of this technique has been written up by Wycombe High School. It’s free, and allows you to access dozens of free Google applications.

Ten ways to Google-up your GCSE project!

Print them off and laminate back to back so that students have a simple guide to the program. However students acting as individuals will be able to download and print copies of maps for their “personal noncommercial use” during lessons.


The map below courseaork produced in Microsoft Word and is composed of four layers as shown by the diagram on the left.

I wrote this article because I found geographu quite time consuming to find good map symbols on the Internet. Photos can easily be linked to a Google Map or Google Earth.

juicy geography coursework

To use this program successfully would be very impressive. Adapted from the template by Mark E Damon Extract into a new folder before trying to run the presentation. There is an official site for the film. Geography animations GCSE students made these river process animations. Some of the ideas require a Google account. You’ll also need to install the latest 4. This article was written for the benefit of my own students; maybe others will find it useful?

Alternatively, more advanced graphs can be created using GE Graph This is a free program that can be used to create graphs from placemarks. There can be several irritating problems with Internet-sourced maps.

10 ways to Google-up your GCSE coursework ยป DigGeog

Simply locate the new path in the Places panel, right click and choose Properties. Viewing this Word document will indicate whether or not all the fonts are available to you. Hi Neela and Joanna Lipniaka! Unlikely to ever be repeated! Zoom in to the concentric circles identified by OS reference letters. Free Google Earth mouse mats!


Don’t forget that you can enter a postcode to look up places. These are easily created in Google Earth. Comments about the accuracy of this geogdaphy welcome!

juicy geography coursework

Creating a Google My Map You can see your finished map in Google Earth and even create and share a map with other people by using the collaborate function. In My Maps click Create new map and give the new map a title.

Ideas for Excel

The examiner would be impressed with students who create ckursework My Maps for their coursework! Despite being just a couple of days old, Google Earth Library looks set to become an essential blog for news of content rather than placemarks.

Very simple juidy application. Worksheets, Google Earth files, maps, photographs and PowerPoints. This spreadsheet was well received last year so I’ve reposted it here. The satellite imagery from Google Earth can be used to identify land use.