I would recommend cutting your losses and not finish at ITT, save the money. Eventually I went and recieved my G. While they may be smart it seems like they think they know it all because they were good at Lego’s and XBox. Just putting it out there. ITT’s Fort Wayne campus. Department of Education Press Release http: Heck, last year, Dr.

The instructors were very kind and helpful but they themselves seem to be lied to and deceived. You go to any other big campus, and you will hear people complain, so its not the school most of the time, its some of those students who want to come to school, expect everything given to them, complain but don’t put any work in. I have since gone somewhere else and dropped any hint of ITT Tech from my resume or job applications – something for anybody considering this place to think about. I have supplied my rebuttal in red to this person’s statements. Obviously sending the DoE an email laced with profanity or ridiculous statements may not get you the results you want What they don’t tell you is that your degree is worthless out in the real world.

I went to the Swartz Creek, MI campus and it was lie after lie. All in all, it is your choice not my choice.

itt tech ceet capstone project

Capstine it became dollar driven, the people who came to class when they showed up were only there to get what they felt they paid for. However many students currently enrolled are saying it will become much hard the 2nd year. I was a student at ITT for 4 years. The courses, labs, software is so outdated compared to what most companies use today. I graduated from a great projct, with a great degree, and I can’t find work.


There are a lot of cutbacks these days. They said I would make 80kk upon graduation. The material we were learning was very outdated When was the last time you heard someone talking about “Scsi” adapters and talking about USB being relatively new? After contacting cooperate they decided to extend it 3 months.

I assumed I would get an automatic job within a month, so I waited for some months due to my present job. Because none of the instructors had any training in the new software.

ITT – Tech Is A SCAM!!!!!!!!!! DON”T DO IT! – ITT Technical Institute Jobs – Page 21 |

Best wishes Noel Rearick. We need to bring this to the public’s attention. When the director began to ask her questions about her presentation, she began getting defensive, and being down right xeet and smart mouthed with him.

itt tech ceet capstone project

That is not the school’s ceft. I may not have the best grades and know I failed some classes, but I have always logged in to make sure my attendance is activated. A few of the teachers literally taught out of the book and had little or no background.

They still allowed her to graduate. There has been a lot interesting math problems, and I do like math.

Itt Tech Ceet Capstone Project

I’m graduating from there in December and I’ m afraid I just spent 50k on a degree that won’t get me anywhere. Do you think they really give a damn about education?


So far, not so good. From Web Master You’re Welcome!

ITT – Tech Is A SCAM!!!!!!!!!! DON”T DO IT!

Thank for your time for reading this. For the most part, the company gets quality instructors who are down and out, hires them, abuses them, and then fires them, without cause, or they make up a cause for termination.

It’s not a question of what ITT can do for you, but what are you willing to do for yourself. I told them that I found other work. Obviously sending the DoE an email laced with profanity or ridiculous statements may not get you the results you want The problem is getting worse – and my heart is bleeding listening to my students complain, with legitimate grievances.

Things were good in criminal justice, having a 4. This applies to traditional schools as well. If you’re gonna spend that kind of money, do yourself a favor and go to a State University.

December 2012

Maybe you should tone down the cynicism and anger before you reply again. I go to a gas station because it is in a convenient location. I have learn alot.