Teaching is a passion I developed in my undergraduate years, which is continued as a medical student through patient instruction. More than that, his example as a human, compassionate man and his deep understanding about human behavior contributed enormously to my ultimate decision of taking medicine as a profession and internal medicine as my medical field. How about some inspiration in what to say, and how to say it? Please treat these personal statements only as a source of example and inspiration for your own original personal statements. These will also be useful to me as a resident in internal medicine.

If you’ve got one to add to the free library, don’t forget to contribute yours. By my last year of high school I was sure that I wanted to be more involved in patient care, to help people recover from illnesses or injuries. I hope to further this experience in the role of a resident. My early focus was the pursuit of an academic medical career in ophthalmology. Furthermore internal medicine allows one to be exposed to a diverse amount of patients and diseases, and to be at the dynamic forefront of new medicines and treatments.

statemetn I also found myself willing to go the extra mile to perform procedures. I entered a vocational nursing school and my passion for medicine grew each day, as I assisted patients and learned medical techniques. I hope to further this experience in the role of a resident. There are many paths that may lead physicians to this goal.

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For these reasons I found pfrsonal practice of Internal Medicine to be most fulfilling and gratifying. However, I realized that most ophthalmologists today still work in private-solo practices, and I felt a bit restrained by the limited opportunities to discuss complex clinical cases and do research.

This led me to complete a 2-year internal medicine residency at the University of South America.

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During my ward rotations, I thoroughly enjoyed establishing close bonds with patients, not only helping heal them but also educating medfoolw counseling them. Apart from case discussions, I carefully learned how doctor patient relationships are established in history taking and patient education. These qualities continue to be important to me, and reflect in both my family medfoosl and work ethics. I was drawn to the vastness of the field, the diagnostic process, and the continual advancements in treatment that allows one to improve the lives of others.


What NOT to do!! I have won the game, the final set interna the semi-finals of the Club Tennis Tournament. I felt inspired by the intensively deep relationships I shared with cancer patients during residency, and also fascinated by the systemic nature of malignant diseases.

The Cultural Revolution of the sixties and the democratic movement of the eighties in China shaped my life and aspirations.

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I feel that, as an internist, my cultural background and life experiences will allow me to gain the trust and respect from minority patients and to provide more valuable access and service to those patients. My experiences during the third year of medical school confirmed my joy of working with people and shed new light on the values of hard work, efficiency, and punctuality.

I believe that my experience in research and clinical work over the year as well as my tenacity and willingness to work hard and to learn will allow me to make a great contribution to your program and to my medical community in the future.

My training in ophthalmology was very rewarding and challenging. During the countless hours spent in the hospital, I was frustrated that despite the great progress made in medicine, people still suffered needlessly from preventable diseases or conditions. First, I decided to refine my interpersonal skills and enrich my life experiences by pursuing a professional training in another country with different cultural backgrounds. I came to the United States after completing my postgraduate training, to follow a dream: Those experiences gave me my first taste of satisfaction as an internist and helped me to appreciate the severity and complexity of healthcare issues.

Today, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, nursing home care, house calls, and inpatient and outpatient care, further challenge our ability to prevent, diagnose, and treat patients.

Becoming a doctor has been a lifelong dream of mine, and balancing the demands of medical school, volunteer work, and of course tennis, has shown me how strong my commitment is to medicine. These sample personal statements are here for your viewing pleasure fully anonymous.


I actively involved myself in my ward duties and routine diagnostic procedures to gain hands-on experience, willingly stayed up late discussing cases and monitoring patients with my colleagues, and eagerly spent my free hours sitting in the wards, interacting with statemeng educating patients about their meefools.

With all the power I can muster, I instinctively side step towards shatement ball and within a split second, rip an unreachable backhand across the court. However, I realized that most ophthalmologists today still work in private-solo practices, and I felt a bit restrained by the limited opportunities to discuss complex clinical cases and do research.

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My diverse life experiences worked with a variety of patients, from a range of economic, social and cultural backgrounds in China, have helped me realize that that I possess the determination, resilience, mental strength and statemeent to succeed as a valuable asset to a medical team.

First Aid for the IMG.

Internal medicine personal statement medfools

I statemeng believe my close attention to detail is essential in maintaining a high level of patient care. My colleague and I worked in the cornfields, traveling from house to house, educating people about the importance of sanitation and providing basic medical knowledge to the villages. All these experiences have further strengthened my resolve to become the kind of doctor that is involved in the lives of his patients, not only catering to their medical needs but also to their emotional and psychological needs.

Check out our Top Copied personal statement linesused over and over again! Therefore, I started working to towards gaining a chance at a residency training that will be medfool to combine my interest personao an academic clinical and research career.

internal medicine personal statement medfools