Installation of floppy 3. Testing and Debugging a. Sources of reference 1 Submit a soft copy OR hard copy of the presentation. Start the antivirus software and 1 H1 select area to be scanned. State the project title and the 2 objective s of the project. Choose ONE of the following topics:

The query should be able to calculate the total marks and average marks for each student automatically. Use a formula to calculate and display the volume of the pyramid. Choose another computer H1 to test the configuration. TWO examples Refer to 3. Install an operating system.

Each construct may have one or more aspects. State the field Draw a line to show the 8 names for each courseworrk between both table.

ict coursework 8.1

S03 PC Assembling Aspect: The program will display the amount spent by the customer, percentage discount given, coursewori actual discount and the amount to be paid. Set a Subnet Mask.

There are also two specialists clubs running after school. TMIS should generate a report to show the subject marks, total marks and average marks of the students from each class. Copy the ping result. Written Assignment 2 to 4 weeks b. State the primary Example: Mask given by the assessor.


Currently, all year 11 pupils study one lesson of ICT each week.

Assessment All pupils at Key Stage 3 are assessed at the end of each term. Entertainment Scrapbook must be 5. Your program should allow the user to key in the length, width and height of the pyramid.

ONE hardware Suggested duration: This will include promotion using video, sound and graphics, word processing and mailmerge as well as creating a spreadsheet to model their accounts.

Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of how to review, design, produce and evaluate a video clip which is fit for purpose.

ICT & Computing

H2 2 1 2 2 Write the number of slides used. State cousrework function of the application. H2 Write the IP address of 1 the computer. Write the expected output.

Fix courseaork RAM candidate to avoid correctly. The program will inform the user if the number entered is greater than, less than or equal to the hidden number. The system will be ready in the yeartill then the scoring should be done manually in the Assessment Checklist Form ACF provided by Lembaga Peperiksaan.


ict coursework 8.1

State the project title and the 2 objective s of the project. Pupils look at the benefits and hazards associated with using coursedork networking sites and mobile devices and learn how to keep themselves safe.

Sketch the user RF.

ICT & Computing – Holy Cross Catholic High School

Explain pervasive computing a. The user will key in the price and percentage discount. Present the information in 5 H1 to 10 slides. State the scan mode 1 H3 selected. Installation of floppy 3. Write the storage medium used and 1 name of the main file or folder.

Give an example of web-based 1 application. Write a simple program to calculate the volume of a pyramid. All pupils study ICT and Computing on the carousel.