When written correctly, they can convey both professionalism and personality, make hiring managers want to take a closer look at your resume, and even perform well when passed through an applicant tracking system. Highlight “soft skills” Keep in mind that hospitality employers are looking for professionals who’ve mastered interpersonal skills like teamwork, leadership, and the ability to relate to guests from diverse backgrounds. Here are some ideas that may help you stand out from the crowd and get that coveted interview spot. For example, if you’re applying for a concierge position, you could say that your experience as a front desk attendant has prepared you to understand guests’ needs and coordinate services for them. Proofread this letter several times and have someone else look it over.

The first paragraph is perhaps the most important. Instead of wasting space saying where and when you saw the job posting and your resume is attached, blah, blah, blah… start out with a declaration of your enthusiasm by mentioning that this job seems like an exciting opportunity to utilize your skills in this position and state up front what you can do for them. Do you need a cover letter? The generally accepted format suggests you keep the letter short and concise, using a clear heading, proper salutation, three paragraphs and a closing. Deb Ward Oct 18, If your cover letter emphasizes technical qualifications or revenue figures, add an example of a time you collaborated with someone, mentored someone, or guided a team.

Back up your claims with facts and numbers.

hcareers cover letter

Share how that aligns with your own values and really grabbed your attention in the listing. First, if a recruiter tells you to send a resume only, then you should follow those instructions.

How to Write a Non-Traditional Cover Letter

The Fourth Paragraph Hotel employers are interested in more than just your technical skills, educational background and the impact you can make on their bottom line. If the company has a more casual culture, you can use only the first name: For best results, create an email cover letter of no more than three to four paragraphs in length.


You already have insider knowledge to share. Toggle navigation Toggle search. Don’t jump back and forth between writing about different past positions, because that might be difficult for the hiring manager to follow. Keep it brief and to the hcareeds. This is a great place to work in a few details you learned while researching the hotel online.

hcareers cover letter

But hcaredrs you understand the various pieces each one must include, the actually writing process will be easier than you think. Otherwise, include a cover letter.

How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Hotel Jobs

Check them out online and read about them in the news. Cover letter basics A cover letter should be no longer than a page and should usually consist of about three or four paragraphs of a few sentences each.

You can mention what you liked about it and what you might do differently from the perspective of an attendee. Instead, talk about a few of your achievements that you’re most proud of or that are directly relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Toggle navigation Toggle search. While that may seem a little outside the norm, think about it. Mention specific requirements of the job and explain how your qualifications prepare you to meet those requirements. This requires including your name, address and contact information as well as that of the leter at the top of the document.

How to Write a Non-Traditional Cover Letter

After all, both the resume and cover letter are supposed to persuade the reader that you’re the best person for a particular job. Do not apologize for your lack of experience or make excuses for it. The Conclusion Reiterate your enthusiasm for the opportunity and express your interest in scheduling an interview. This is all about giving the hiring manager a compelling reason to invite you to interview. You must show the hiring manager why you want this job, not just any job.


Mention some of your personality traits and skills, such as attention to detail and listening ability, and explain how you would use each one on the job. If so, what should it say? Show how adept you are and how you can think outside the box. Before you send your email cover letter to any hiring manager, read your subject line and review the body of the email two or even three times.

Address your letter to a specific person Begin your letter with “Dear” followed by the hiring manager’s title and last name, such as, “Dear Ms. Think of your resume as a movie and the cover letter as a trailer that shows some of the best clips, but not the entire story.

Why not list the requirements down the left side and match your qualifications to the right? How many did not?

Ultimate Guide For Better Email Cover Letters

This is your call to action. Consider the subject line carefully. Email software spellcheck tools are notorious for missing errors.