Which of the following nursing diagnoses should be included in the client’s plan of care? D parents are often the decision makers, and they have no knowledge of their children’s spiritual needs. How many drops per minute should the nurse set the I. Bisacodyl Dulcolax 5 mg, po, q. Diabetes Clase 10 de Mayo. Presence of bowel sounds 3.

Whether he has had the measles D. He presented to the emergency room two days later, in distress from pain. Which of these questions would be most important to ask? Positioning the patient B. Bladder ultrasound showed an empty bladder. Anticoagulation may improve survival but long-term prognosis is poor. A nurse is caring for a client who had a resection of an abdominal aortic aneurysm yesterday.

A client is having a follow-up physician office visit after vein ligation and stripping.

guillain barre syndrome case study quizlet

Intake and output 2. Cluster B disorders include Electromyography was negative for lower motor neuron abnormalities. Her shortness of breath was worse with exertion and associated with pleuritic chest pain for two days.

The nurse should ask the client to immediately report the onset of a.

guillain barre syndrome case study quizlet

During the change-of-shift report, the charge syndrpme overhears two nurses exchanging loud, rude remarks about one nurse’s excessive use of overtime. A year-old African American woman presented with a history of dry cough for 3 weeks and shortness of breath with a loud noisy breathing for 1 day.


Inform the csse about the dangers of taking herbal medicines without consulting his health care provider. When there is no pain, but it is time for the medication to be administered.

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Lumbar puncture was performed and cerebrospinal fluid examination was unremarkable. Initial laboratory values demonstrate hypokalemia, contraction alkalosis, normal amylase and lipase, hypoalbuminemia, normal liver function tests, hemoglobin of 13, leukocytosis of 22, and urinalysis suggestive of an infection.

In numerous previous studies, the ginseng glycopeptides GGP from quizlrt roots of Panax ginseng had hypoglycemic activity on both normal and hyperglycemic animals.

guillain barre syndrome case study quizlet

A 25 year-old woman presented with left eye pain and vision syjdrome. The nurse will explain the importance of performing breast self-examination once a month. Risk factors for osteoporosis include gender, race, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, low body weight, and nulliparity. The prevalence of adrenal incidentaloma is about 2. B hyperstimulation of the salivary glands. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticulosis: Kasher 1 ; P.

Maintenance therapy with immunosupressants can lower inhibitor titers.

A patient scheduled to leave for the operating room in 30 minutes for a heart valve replacement. Her last drink was one day prior to admission, and she reports drinking 9 shots of brandy a week. D decreased gastrointestinal absorption causing esophageal reflux.


Guillain barre syndrome case study quizlet

The subsequent day, the patient’s cerebrospinal fluid grew out comma-shaped gram-negative rods suspicious for Campylobacter species. Recognize the clinical presentation of calciphylaxis.

Implementation Sinus Tachycardia After a few sessions, the patient reported his symptoms improving significantly, with a decrease in his hemoglobin and hematocrit levels.

A laboratory error was hypothesized as the cause. Enoxaparin is a rare cause for intra-abdominal bleed. The nurse should reinforce that which of the following vitamins may increase the risk for bleeding?


A complete spinal cord injury results in In any private room that is sybdrome. A patient indicates an intent to kill himself and says he has access to a gun. Giving the feeding without proper placement puts the client at risk for aspiration.

Pull the plunger on the syringe backward to check for blood before injecting the Lovenox. Recognize that CM recurrence can occur despite prolonged antifungal treatment.