This sorry state of law and order scare the investors away from the country thereby severely harming the economy. Education for all “Good governance is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance. New dams and barrages must be built without putting national and political stability at stake. Atif Noor Khan December 11, Rising unemployment, poverty and inflation g. Equal distribution of resources Among the primary causes of the crisis of good governance in Pakistan comes first the personalization of things rather that institutionalization.

Good governance can also be termed as the effective use of power, legislation of policies, transparent accountability, and development of human resources and supremacy of constitution with the absolute rule of law. Nepotism, cronyism, favouritism, disregard for merit, soaring unemployment rates and poverty become rampant and an acute sense of mistrust in state institutions is created among the people. Case of Pakistan 7. Likewise no one can be held accountable in an authoritarian rule. Sections of this page. This authority can be political, economic or administrative. The fusion warfare concept addresses command and control concerns arising from additional information flows, software incompatibilities and intrinsic vulnerabilities to attack and deception.

No system can realize its potential if it is frequently disrupted. In the light ezsay the up given picture of country’s political situation, good governance seems a cry for the moon. The democracy in such societies prospers and their governments are strong to the extent that governqnce someone attacks their governments they break out on streets to save their government.


Socio economic backwardness of the masses Suggestions for good governance: This was an open violation of the principle of good governance.

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All sociologists and political scientists have a consensus that good governance has major influence for human resource development in the society. Political interference on bureaucracy 3. Such institutions should be free and highly-empowered to deal with such cases. Inflow of FDI and capital flight stops f. So, in a democratic system, a change in government should matter to all of us.

Though it is not a general rule as many dictators have brought welfare to their people but that is an exception. Moreover, nepotism and favouritism are like a death blow to merit. These two things annihilate the state’s governance structure as merit gets to be replaced by favor.

Overview of the Concept of Accountability 3. What does it mean by good governance? Thus, it can be rightly said that gopd begets more and more problems.

Rising Bureaucrats’ Academy Sports Event. Under the term political corruption, also fall the actions of those in the political arena.

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Human resource building through training institutes i. Evolution of civic life b.

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Such crisis of unemployment has deleterious ramifications for the society. Ensure stable democratic system. To put in a nut shell, it may be stated that good governance is an inevitable phenomenon for the smooth working of any state machinery. A higher authority which is also neutral can help in the prevalence of law and order. Vulnerable national integrity, piety, solidarity and sovereignty.


The reasons behind this failure yovernance mostly found in the factors of corruption, immoral politics, authoritarianism and dearth of leadership. The tradition of nepotism, lack of democratic norms and political recruitments on high government offices must be eliminated in order to promote transparency, accountability and supremacy of law at all levels.

This sorry state of law and order scare the investors away from the country thereby severely harming the economy. This was an open violation of the principle of good governance. In most cases, accountability is used for political victimization and remains individual specific.

Crisis of good governance

Secondly, the factors of corruption and nepotism in a state like Pakistan puts it into governance crisis. May 18, The Media Crisis. Public sector delivery improves g. It can be measured in economic, defense and political strength of a country.

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good governance essay jwt