In the salad bowl model, various ethnic cultures are juxtaposed—like salad ingredients—but do not merge into a single homogeneous culture. FitzGerald talks about the characteristics of the history textbooks published in the s. The nineteenth-century photographs of child laborers or urban slum apartments are so beautiful that they transcend their subjects. Personification is used to describe a person representing or being a perfect example of something. Du Bois and Booker T.

We need to adapt to the way history develops. The print in the fifties books is heavy and far too black, the colors muddy. This suggests the gap between the latest historical discoveries and the writing of textbooks. The people in the houses were the same too: The system that ran so smoothly by means of the Constitution under the guidance of benevolent conductor Presidents is now a rattletrap affair. These sources are one or more steps removed from the events. Whereas s textbooks were full of falsely fabricated paintings or sketches of events, people, or things that could not have existed, s texts include cartoons, photographs, and paintings drawn from the periods under discussion.

Ultimately, Fitzgerald is correct inasmuch as what she calls “perfect objectivity” is unattainable, and each generation of historians, whose work filters into textbooks, will view history through a lens somewhat colored by their own contemporary concerns.

frances fitzgeralds essay rewriting american history

To slight is to give only superficial attention to something important: This unity is absent in the newer books. We realize that we are infinitely small in the scheme of things. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!


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People hardly thought about questioning the truthfulness of the histoyr because the textbooks seemed to occupy a separate realm. The textbooks of the fifties seemed safe from change because their ideas seemed truthful and could not be challenged. American history is not dull any longer; it is a sensuous experience.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours The s textbooks no longer focus on the heroism of individual presidents. It indicates advancement and improvement. Accessed May 23, What are the other options? The society that was once uniform is now a patchwork of rich and poor, old and young, men and women, blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Indians.

Gonzalez, question of nationality: Another point of contrast made by FitzGerald is in the physical appearance or presentation of the textbooks.

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One book quotes a soldier on the use of torture in the American campaign to pacify the Philippines at the beginning of the century. To neglect is fizgeralds fail to pay sufficient attention to a person or thing: Portrayal of civil rights: Some of them stage debates between eminent social scientists in roped-off sections of the text; some include essays on economics or sociology; some contain pictures and short biographies of social scientists of both sexes and of diverse races.

The questions are the heart of the matter, for when they are carefully selected they force students to think much as bistory think: Until the matter is resolved, the athletes will be ineligible to compete. It suggests that ethnic groups may be unable to preserve their cultures due to assimilation.


They do not form an organic whole or progress in any single direction.

How about make it original? This led me to examine the real world implications of what the author is describing. Political and pedagogical spectrum: However, the illustrations have a much greater historical value. Deform suggests that something has been distorted or internally injured so severely as to change its normal form or qualities, or else that some fault has interfered with its proper development: Yet the changes remain shocking.

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Old-fashioned may disparage something as being out of date or may approve something old as being superior: Those affiliated with the Right consider social hierarchy and social inequality as either inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable, typically justifying this position on the basis of natural law or tradition.

There are exceptions, americzn course.

frances fitzgeralds essay rewriting american history

As FitzGerald is writing about the rewriting of American history, the text contains quite a rewritting of references to U. The past is not a direct course to the present; things do not run smoothly and progressively any more.

frances fitzgeralds essay rewriting american history